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VOTE: Fave Celeb Rocking 2014 Fashion

We want to know who you think as been trending hard! Vote Now!
Barbie Roxy Hagar
Barbie Roxy Hagar Feb 01, 2014

Would you read a blog about hockey....all leagues?

I've been around Buzznet for awhile now, haven't posted in a long time been very busy with family and my favorite pastime Hockey...My question is…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Aug 16, 2013

What Should I Add Next?

I'm going to band camp this week, and I won't be able to post. I thought I'd leave you with this poll. Answer about what…
concertcrasher Jul 14, 2012

Fashion/beauty: Black & White or Colour?

I have a new college assignment and I've decided to take inspiration from fashion photographers like Steven Meisel to do this shoot. Does the photo's…

Do you believe the MKULTRA Congressional hearing testimony prove US government mind control projects exist today and are being used on the public?

MIND CONTROL (as defined by wikipedia): refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to…
welcometomygalaxycom Mar 29, 2012

What Deck The Hall Ball Photo Gallery Do You Want Me To Post First?

Hey guys, just got back from this year's Deck The Hall Ball put on by the infamous 107.7 The End in Seattle. Before I start…
Xander Deccio
Xander Deccio Dec 08, 2011

How often would you use Video Email if you had it?

According to Cisco, by 2013, 91% of all IP traffic will be by Video! That's a far cry from the low digits we're at now.
janelle2012 Oct 11, 2011

Should I Start Posting Videos and Podcasts

Since I have been at Buzznet, I have been contemplating posting audio/video interviews, video commentaries and podcasts. You guys think I should? P.S. The photo…
Xander Deccio
Xander Deccio Sep 11, 2011

New Buzznet Project Ideas!

I know, I'm barely halfway done with my 100 Day Quote Project, but I just love Buzznet so much I just HADDDD to think about…

Which SLR should I buy?

A few weeks ago I decided to buy Canon EOS 550D for my photography course. It's an amazing camera (from what I heard) but I've…
We own the night.
We own the night. May 18, 2011

Whats Your Favorite Cosmetics Brand?

Im feeling like a curious little kitten today, Im wondering what is everyones favorite Cosmetic Brand? select one out of the following...

What is Gerard Ways Best Look?

So if you're a fan of music, you've probably heard of My Chemical Romance. And if you're a fan of My Chem, you're a fan…
xsara16x Apr 05, 2011 Originally by dropxdeadxemalee

Gods of Guyliner: Who Pulls it off Best?

It takes a special guy to pull of guyliner. But the question is, people of buzznet, who pulls off guyliner best? *Brendon Urie has my vote!…
KillerxQueen Feb 25, 2011

What is Gerard Ways Best Look?

So if you're a fan of music, you've probably heard of My Chemical Romance. And if you're a fan of My Chem, you're a fan…
KillerxQueen Feb 11, 2011

Davey Havok's Look: decemberunderground or Crash Love?

Davey Havok is the lead singer of the band AFI, and one of my role models because he is fashionable, edgy, vegan, straightedge, and has…
KillerxQueen Feb 11, 2011