Come Give Mommy a Kiss

Pep rallies are a time for fun and team spirt right? Not for some of the star athletes at Minnesota high school. These student's were told…
xbloodyxpumkinx Dec 17, 2011

what do you prefer to sex with?????

for all perverts out there!
ladhada Jul 29, 2009

"THS" in my friend list

This is for anyone in my friend's list that have "THS" tequila hot spot .. If you have THS on your profile im going to…

public bus perverts

Catched the bus for the first time since I moved. The driver was an asshole, and unhelpful, not to mention he spoke broken english so…
brokenhalo101 Feb 01, 2008

my ex bf is talking bad bout me...

to all his friends. but idc. it just gets old. and this kid i can't stand told his new gf that she had "competition" and…
!racheltastic! Oct 26, 2007

There's this website called Zorpia,

amp; it's kinda like a wanabe Bebo.& it's full of complete perverts. Seriously.& they're not even good looking perverts.I've only been online a few times since I…
heyohereiam Sep 23, 2007


yeah thats what i wantif ur wondering.. i did finsih my drama essay... and my religion assignment. so heres my to do list:drama essayhistory essaysreligion…
crumble91 Jun 11, 2007

Fully Clothed Since 1984

There is a reason I don't appear naked in any of my photos.  Naked, although natural, in this day and age attracts negative attention.  I'm…
nikpea May 18, 2006


If you are somewhat perverted, you know what this symbolizes. If you have a sane mind, this is just a finger in a donut.
cassablanka Feb 06, 2006


yeah we were at kohls she was trying on clothes, and we were taking pics under the fitting room wall... but she was on the phone…
falafull Jan 07, 2006