Hello Pedobear ;]

This is cute.Of course in a kind of creepy way. So im pretty much done packing up and will vacating from my house and moving…
OBEY Jul 23, 2010

It's official. Grey is the scariest colour on the internet

History lesson... back in the mid 80s many of us were programming our vic 20s, or spectrums, playing games on cassettes, taking 20 minutes to…
brianosullivan Jul 13, 2010

Song "Clair", by Gilbert O' Sullivan: a pedo concept?

When I was born, the song Clair, by Irish singer and songwriter Gilbert O' Sullivan has been composed. In my childhood, it was a song…
Don't trust the Interwebzvid

Don't trust the Interwebz

Don't trust the interwebz, you don't know who you're talking to! :O made by: me and fatmadikid
fangsupalex Aug 07, 2009
The Rat Bookvid

The Rat Book

This animation is from a brand new website. You have never experienced anything like it before. Sign up and see if you can help.
theratbook Mar 24, 2009


I lie, I lie.It isnt exactly an update, more or less a whazzup. What is up..hmm.Well, Last weekend I got myself Guitar Hero World Tour. Its…
mychemicalfalloutxx Nov 21, 2008

my kleenex box is faded .

ou , guess what day it is !international feel sorry for yourself day !weeeeeeeeewheeeeeeeeeeeew :) anyways , i really really really reallllllly (!) want my computer…
somethingscene May 12, 2008
aww wittle brendon wanna play dress up?pic
I am creepypic

I am creepy

Pedo-in' it up with Anna
sublimerotica Apr 29, 2007
...asi termino.pic

...asi termino.

nos intento coger en plan cabaret y acabamos dandonos una trompada que menos mal que no habia cristales en el suelo. total que entre que nos…
shyris Dec 09, 2006
Filaaann da bETH!pic

Filaaann da bETH!

bien enfiestao y ke!
ero May 04, 2006


aaaaah no hay nada mejor como echarse un buen pedo, pero no nomas por que si... tiene que haber toda una serie de caracterÝsticas: 1) haberselo…
flaii May 14, 2005