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The Only Exception (One-shot) ~ Part 2

Josh’s POV: I hop on the driver’s seat of my pickup and start the engine, reluctant. Do I have to go? Apparently, yes. Attending the school…

The Only Exception (One-shot) ~ Part 1

So I deleted my story ‘My Best Friend’ because honestly if I continue it, it will end up to be a really long and boring…

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 7]

After i had finished eating i grabbed my handbag and car keys and heaped out the door and to my car, i got in and…
laurahhhgrace Apr 12, 2014

Like We Used To (Songfic) Part 2

*Months later* Saturday morning, and I’m heading to the coffee shop as I do everyday. The days are darker and it’s starting to get chilly—comforting. It…

Unexpected Love (Chapter 8)

So I’ve been meaning to update sooner since the last chapter, and read more updates, but so much has happened this week and weekend: First…

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 6]

I just got off the phone with Adam from our lable and he agreed about recording some songs to release to the fans. "ok guys we…

One Sumemer (Chapter 7)

So it's been a really long time..... Yep areally long time. Anyways I'm back, and I'm here to post again and of course read you…

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 5]

That night i ended up falling asleep on the red couch located in my lounge room, it was comfy so it didn't matter to me.  I…

DIY: Hayley Williams Half Skull Painting on T-Shirt

Finally done painting Hayley Williams half skull face on a t-shirt. This is actually the hardest and the most fun tee that I've ever made…
deeisdian Mar 13, 2014

Paramore Perform NEW SONG

Paramore performed a b-side from their latest, self-titled, record this weekend.  Check out Escape Route! Love this track. What do you think?  
mzegarlowicz Mar 12, 2014

Top 10 Frontwomen in Today's Scene

1. Hayley Williams of Paramore How many times have you heard someone compare a band to Paramore? I bet a lot. Hayey Williams is the definition…
clarefitz Mar 01, 2014

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 3]

Not too long after me and Taylor finished filming a little video of us mucking around with a song for the fans, there was a…
laurahhhgrace Feb 28, 2014

Concert of the Week: UPDATE (part two)

Only a few more weeks until the blog series will be picked back up! I have come across two more concerts in the next few…
Caitlyn Griffin
Caitlyn Griffin Feb 24, 2014

Top 10 Anti-Valentine's Day Songs

Sup Buzznetters! Valentines day is approaching and let face it, I'm just another one of those people who doesn't see the point in this holiday, if…
Molly-Jane Feb 13, 2014

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 2]

Taylor's POV Hayley just sung me a song she wrote last night and it was really good although it was totally about Josh but i guess…
laurahhhgrace Feb 12, 2014