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Mark aka Panasonic Youthpic

Mark aka Panasonic Youth

PanasonicYouth - Most Prolific Harry Potter Fan of All Time
Aviva Dec 28, 2010
Choker Burn't Uppic

Choker Burn't Up

The almost finished choker i made i applyed some black and silver spray paint and some gold paint to give and aged burnt in the…
Marc Oct 22, 2010
Mark Reads in Kings and Queens Videopic
Snake Eyespic
Headpiece Designpic

Headpiece Design

Ok so i had an assignment from college to design a wearable headpiece inspired by medieval headdresses , and of course i went with armour…
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Marc Oct 12, 2010
Mc Sketchypic

Mc Sketchy

Should i do more things like this or more on canvas ? Thoughts ?
Marc Aug 12, 2010


drflowmusic Aug 11, 2010
Comic Con 2010pic

Comic Con 2010

Mark (PanasonicYouth) and I!!! :D
iheartbarakat Jul 28, 2010
Daniel Radcliffe -- Vampire Chic or Creature of the Night?pic

Daniel Radcliffe -- Vampire Chic or Creature of the Night?

Luv ya some Harry Potter, then be sure to follow our resident expert Mark and his Mark Reads Harry Potter updates!
jennaflower Jul 23, 2010
A Dream come truepic
Buzznet Bruno Premier, pt. 1pic

Buzznet Bruno Premier, pt. 1

A while back I won tickets here on Buzznet to go check out the premier of Bruno, with PanasonicYouth and The Gay Blades. It was…
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Germbot Feb 20, 2010
I just found this...pic

I just found this...

Comic Con 2009: Misery, Yashi, Mark, and Faye. What in the heck were they looking at??? It's pissing me off.
With Jonathan Bennett of Mean Girlspic

With Jonathan Bennett of Mean Girls

Watch the nice interview here. Yeah I edited the colors because I'm super pale.
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breesays Feb 12, 2010
An X Filepic