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If you have revolutionary potential, then you have a moral obligation to make the world a better place.

So i thought i would share some amazing and brilliant art , fashion and music i have come across recently. I will also include some…
Marc Oct 13, 2011

Floridian Finding's

Some Pictures from my recent trip to Clearwater ,FL all pictures taken with my new Canon Rebel :D Thanks For Reading
Marc Aug 30, 2010

Party Time: Buzznet, The Sims™ 3 Ambitions, and Blue Smurf Poop

Me and Aviva doing what we do best (acting like we're five) in the Sims photo booth. Pri-vaaaate eyes, they're watchin' you... Anything that involves dressing…
MissMallibu Jun 29, 2010

CONTEST: Attend A Private Party With The Cab Presented By Buzznet & Sims 3

Hey L.A.-area readers, Enter to win tickets to this awesome Sims event I'm doing!  I'll be rocking out business cards for your dream careers with piercings…
Michael Shirley
Michael Shirley Jun 17, 2010 Originally by wevegotyoucovered

CONTEST: Attend A Private Party With The Cab Presented By Buzznet & The Sims 3

Want to attend a private party for Sims 3 Ambitions with The Cab & Buzznet in Hollywood on June 23rd? Well you are in luck!…

New Buzznet :D

So, I have now learned that we will NOT be going back to the old buzznet at all. Soon, this will be the only buzznet…


This would be the last sketchdump I ever post. I will not be in Buzznet anymore. I decide to leave. I got so much going…
Ranna May 29, 2010

I like, lied.

In the previous sketchdump I told you I be posting original stuff in the 'next' sketchdump. Well..I lied. My original stuff are not ~*ready to…
Ranna May 28, 2010

Concert Photography 101: Metering & Preparing For the Photo Pit

I realize this post was behind, and I apologize. Life has been pretty erratic lately. Let's dive right into the topics were covering for this…
Artist Jane
Artist Jane Apr 12, 2010

Concert Photography 101: Tweaking the settings for great shots

nbsp; Now that I have the camera, how do I set it up for concert photography?  There are a number of different ways to shoot a concert…

FTSK, Chanukah, and Cards

Where to start? lets go back in time. So that is sunday the 13th (tonight as im writing), then saturday the 12th, and sunday the…
4coda Dec 13, 2009

Halloween - Prep Time Begins!

It's already October! That means that somewhere, someone is celebrating Octobeard by growing some grizzly man chops or getting ready for Halloween. Facial month shenanigans…
El Rich
El Rich Oct 09, 2009

a vampire that is in love with mark (a twilight fanfiction) part 2

an: okay here is part 2 of my fanfiction and i hope u like it becuz some of the comments i got were rly mean…

Bruno contest winner is ME!

I'm one of the winners of the Bruno Ticket Giveaway!! WOOO! I'm going with my older sister, and like whoever else won the contest. I'M…
Germbot Jul 07, 2009

Analyze This ... Harry Potter, This Ridiculous Benz and PanasonicYouth

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and I know for a fact that these three could easily fetch 4000 on the open market…