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Which band would you pick to headline your OWN summer tour?

With all these fantastic summer tours going on, which band would you pick to headline your own summer tour of fantasticness?! and just for the record…
Dancing Ann.
Dancing Ann. Jun 08, 2009

Panic At The Disco OR Fall Out Boy??????

ok they are both my two favorite bands but panic saved me from a pretty dark place and fall out boy well they were their…
emopunkrokrchick Apr 17, 2009

Do you have troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match?

Do you look in the mirror and say "I will never end up like him!" Then this is the poll for you.
makypoo Mar 07, 2009

Your Favourite Fall Out Boy Song...?

Mine is Carpal Tunnel Of Love x x love it!!


Who is the cutest singer from these 4?:DWho's the one that makes you smile the most?I've always been wondering!What's your opinion? *I'm not talking about the…
debbiedoo May 14, 2008

Favourite Fall Out Boy?

Who, in your opinion is the most talented member of the most awesome rock group EVER! and dont just say ZOMG P3T3 IS SOOO SXC!!1!!1!!!…
lunchtwinny Apr 24, 2008

If you could force one band to do a cover album who would it be?

Ever wonder what one band covering another would sound like? For many of us we don't really have to wonder most bands like to do…

Best cover

I know that a lot of great bands have covered amazing songs by other great bands but i cant put all... the others - maybe…
mostdeffodd Nov 18, 2007