My storyvid

My story

This is my story…What got me started...What inspired me.
Roxanna Jan 14, 2014
Baby Blue Nurse Lolita Headbandpic

More beautiful than words could ever say.

Hello everyone. How are you doing this Monday? I hope you are doing well and your week is starting at least relatively normal or what you…
Hot Or Not? Rita Ora's Punk Rock Nurse Lookpic

Hot Or Not? Rita Ora's Punk Rock Nurse Look

You can say a lot of things about Rita Ora's style, but calling it boring would definitely bring into question your identity as an honest…
yasi Feb 04, 2013
A ltima :xpic

A última :x

*Encontrei a Nurse e o Pyramid head por lá e o que eu tenho a dizer é que pra um bom Entendedor do filme/jogo eu não…
Vampíria Nov 17, 2012


Nurse costume for tonights rave! :D
Asylum Nursepic
Falling in Reverse-I'm not a vampireoffical videovid

Falling in Reverse-I'm not a vampire(offical video)

This is the newest Falling in Reverse video. It was uploaded EpitaphRecords on Oct. 24,2011. I hope ya'll love it as much as I do.
xbloodyxpumkinx Nov 10, 2011

Fare Thee Well My Old Companions

Did you have some favorite toys growing up? Like some barney toys or whatever? Remember when they pretty much were a part of you? You…
punchemman Nov 04, 2011

Yay Off Day.......Oh For the Love.........*SPPPPEEWWWWW*

Ok has anyone looked at something morbid and wish it was you? Ever have those days? Not because you are suicidal or anything, just because…
punchemman Oct 28, 2011

Christmas KO

Ever eat tator tots while watching christmas vacation? I sure do. Well today I did for some reason. It was a stressful day. But anyway…
punchemman Oct 02, 2011
Zombified Nursepic
LantaaWithAnL Sep 19, 2011

Zombie Movie in my Backyard?

It was a lovely Sunday morning. I was online looking at articles. Nothing was catching my eye. They were about the Libya thing, a randy…
punchemman Sep 01, 2011


my dad want's me to be this smart, computer-geek, straight A, little angel girl who will go on in life to be a nurse. He…
sammiinsanity Aug 03, 2011

Death Notes.

With a name like Death Notes, I know what you must be thinking: suicide or something to that extent. WRONG. This is in fact, a 'bucket…
Mademoiselle* Apr 11, 2011