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Sorry this is a little late Buzznet decided to close down for Maintenance last night just as I was going to post this !!!!! LOL


I just love this one it’s Purr-Fect !!! I watched a show on Animal planet Saturday night called ” My cat from Hell ” If you ever get the chance to watch it it’s quite interesting 😀 Please view in Full Size 😀

Newspaper Nails


I’m sure you’ve seen the phenomenon new nail trend, “Newspaper Nails”, around. I’m also sure you’ve wondered how YOU would ever be able to re-create this awesome look. Have no fear, it’s simple and easy, and…

I’m physically, mentally, over obsessed with Tokio Hotel!

It’s arrived the moment to post this blog, the first of two, because I’ve really really a lot of stuff of this awesome band, the second one will be dedicated to my room/museum…

grafftiti wall

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