Angel Haze x The Most Dopest Female Rappers to EVER hit the scene of Hip Hopvid

Angel Haze x The Most Dopest Female Rappers to EVER hit the scene of Hip Hop

Women in hip hop understand the struggle and hustle that roams through the streets and though the business of hip hop culture. These women have proven to…
Barbie Roxy Hagar
Barbie Roxy Hagar Apr 26, 2014

Madonna is working with Natalia Kills on a couch!

The pop queen Madonna upload a photo to her instagram working late night with singer/songwriter Natalia Kills! Probably, they are writing a new song for…
George's Show
George's Show Apr 10, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Go BTS With Ivy Levan, Natalia Kills And Miriam Bryant!

Reblogged from We've Got You Covered Festival season gets Buzznet in the mood to discover all kinds of awesome new music artists and we've been lucky…
ivyxlevan Apr 01, 2014 Originally by wevegotyoucovered
THENEWNEW Residencyvid

#THENEWNEW Residency

ivyxlevan Mar 11, 2014

Candies Phone Cases: Fun or Outrageous?

Like bags and jewelry, phone cases have become a part of everybody’s daily must-have style accent accessories. Fashion icons such as Hanna Beth and Natalia…
Shenaynay. Jul 14, 2013

Natalia Kills The Saturday Night

Hello lovers! Natalia Kills just released her music video for "Problem" and seems like she`s not gonna stop attacking us with her classy/dark/edgy…

Natalie Kills is a Problem

Natalia Kills, the British beauty that is one of my main style icons and fashion inspirations have released a new music video for her single…
Guna Campbell
Guna Campbell Jul 01, 2013

Natalia Kills Goes HOT for "Problem" Music Video

Hey guys!  So, my girl Natalia Kills just released her new official music video for her new HOT track "Problem". Right now Ms. Kills is working…

When Video Clips Draw Inspirations From Fairy Tales!!!

Almost everyone grew up by listening or watching classic Fairy Tales and as a huge fan of ''Alice In Wonderland'' book and the cartoon movie…
George's Show
George's Show Apr 12, 2013
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Natalia Kills Stuns In Pulp Magazine

Natalia Kills looks super hot on the cover of the new Pulp magazine. Also appeared in the magazine photo shoot is quite large with fashionable clothes…
Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Jan 09, 2013
Natalia Kills Is All Bold Bangs And Brows On The Cover Of Dedicate Magazinepic

Natalia Kills Is All Bold Bangs And Brows On The Cover Of Dedicate Magazine

Natalia Kills is just so...fierce. The 26-year old singer was shot for the cover of French magazine Dedicate in black and white sporting bold bangs…
yasi Nov 26, 2012

Glamour Celebrities at young age in Black 'N' White photos!!

I found on the net some ''old'' pictures in Black 'n' White from famous and Glamorous celebrities that if you just give a quick glimpse…
George's Show
George's Show Nov 26, 2012
Fall Inspiration25pic
ЯRebecca Oct 30, 2012 Originally by wolframa

My Newest Fashion Icon: Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills was my muse back in 2010, then in 2011 her music came back to my life to make me feel like that badass-female…