How to Make Money From Your Music And Videosvid

How to Make Money From Your Music And Videos This Video Covers Physical and digital distribution along with using Vevo to generate an income.
themixtapemastr Oct 22, 2013
Jimmy Page in reheasals - December 9, 2007 - O2 Arena, Londonpic
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Leave No Indies Behind. It's Time To Build A Damn Music Business Academy!

Ever wonder how big bands and rockstars make it to the big time?    It's a little known fact that there are some very well documented…
musicdish Jun 07, 2013

5 Dollar Music Business Website, Helps DIY Musicians Market,Promote And Sell Their Music

The website is proud to launch the first micro job site dedicated exclusively to Musicians, Artist and Bands. The purpose of the site is…
musicdish Dec 18, 2012

Trying To Sign A Record Deal? Read This

How To Get A Record Deal Figuring out how to get signed to a record label isn’t as hard as it sounds. I have been signed…
snapback UK
snapback UK Dec 06, 2012

MusicDishTV Launches Music Video Blog In China

MusicDishTV announced the launch of a new blog (< a href=""> on Chinese portal DianDian dedicated to exposing the best in Western indie bands to…
musicdish Sep 12, 2012

The Musician's Guide Offers Bands $1,250 Worth Of Services For $69 For 100 Hours Only

On September 1st at 8am, The Musician’s Guide is launching a 100-hour-long campaign in partnership with 25 music companies to offer aspiring musicians over $1,250…
musicdish Sep 08, 2012

Aurovine Music Platform Launches With Best Artist Payouts On The Web

Aurovine - the music platform offering the best artist payouts on the web, today launched their first official public version of their website. In Beta…
musicdish Jul 11, 2012

Need Global And National Chart Boost On Reverbnation?

Need Global and National Chart Boost on Reverbnation? We got you covered.Visit our website for more details and to order it.100% Guaranteed Reverbnation Promotion…
musicdish Jul 04, 2012

The Music Business - Tips for Success

The music business is just simply a Retail business. The artists are basically considered 'products' and it's the design styling and packaging that makes the artist unique and commercially…
PeterRozario Mar 10, 2012

Morning Sock Studios, The New Face Of The Music Industry Goes National

Morning Sock Studios has been quietly but swiftly taking each new market it breaks into by storm. Founders Curtis M. Gorlich and his wife Shawn…
musicdish Mar 02, 2012

Venzo Digital Launches iTunes & iPhone Service

Venzo Digital, a new technology platform for the iTunes Store, has officially launches its services with Venzo Digital 2.0. Through its flagship services Venzo Music…
musicdish Feb 08, 2012

MusicDish*China Outlines Its Marketing Strategy At MIDEM 2012

MusicDish Founder Eric de Fontenay will be attending his 8th Midem conference in Cannes, France this month. Located at the Taiwan Pavilion, L3.19 Hall…
musicdish Jan 25, 2012