Thank You Yeezusvid

Thank You Yeezus

After missing the Yeezus Tour and hearing about how amazing it was live, I found myself to be a bit envious of ppl who got…
jon0h Feb 28, 2014

Is Superior Music Method Legit

Yahoo and google containing a lot extra info regarding london voice lessons. Even if you do not possess a band in promoting, you can use…
reid4dream Feb 19, 2014

The Black Parade Musical Is In The Works.

Great news, Buzznetters! A new My Chemical Romance musical called The Black Parade is currently in the works, based on the band's album with the same…

Artist Spotlight: Why 2014 Is Going To Be A Golden Year for Bruno Mars!

nbsp;          Over the years, there have been many artists who enter the music industry with talent and charisma, who instantly steal our hearts and souls…
celindareyes Dec 30, 2013
Spears: The Gospel According To Britneypic

Spears: The Gospel According To Britney

I love playing “Shine Jesus Shine” after “Girls And Boys” because it combines my love for our Savior (sarcasm) with sexy Britney Spears music, and…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Nov 06, 2013

The Happiest Show On Broadway

The musical “Mama Mia” has been going strong for 12 years and the reason to its success is that no matter where they perform, the…
CASTINGHUB Oct 28, 2013