Music Polls

What draws you to music the most?

Happy Friday, everyone! Let's start off this weekend with a poll. After my last post about "The 5 albums that changed my life," I realized…
Kramer Osborn
Kramer Osborn Apr 25, 2014

Music: What's Your Favorite Genre?

The beautiful thing about music is that it can touch various audiences on such a global scale. We are curious to see which genre is…

The Many Phases Of Britney Spears: Which Britney Is Your Favorite?

Throughout the years, we have seen all different shades of Britney Spears. Some good, some bad and some spectacular. From her Mickey Mouse days to…

Which Festivals Of 2014 Are You Most Excited For?

There are so many fun entertainment festivals coming up and we want to hear which ones you can't wait to attend:

Choose the concert I am going to in march 2014!

I am determined to make 2014 the year of concerts. But with the way things are right now, it isn't looking too good. Three awesome…

Question Of The Day: What Was Your Favorite Album Of This Year?

With 2013 on it's way out the door, it's time to start making fun of everything and talk about all the things that we loved…
El Rich
El Rich Dec 09, 2013

Round 2: Which New Justin Bieber Song Is Your Favorite?

Hey guys, As you know JB has been releasing a new song every Sunday at midnight for #MusicMondays. These songs are so much more mature…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 27, 2013

Real Talk Tuesdays - What's Your Favorite Live Music Setting?

The past week has been an awesome melting pot of musical experiences for me: Thursday I saw Danny Elfman's Music From the Films of Tim…
colleentm Nov 05, 2013

Which New Justin Bieber Song Do You Like The Best?

Hey guys, As you know JB has been releasing a new song every Sunday at midnight for #MusicMondays. These songs are so much more mature…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 05, 2013

POLL: What's Your Favorite Britney Spears' 'Baby One More Time' Performance?

Today it's not only my 15th anniversary as Britney Spears fan, but it's also the 15th anniversary of "Baby One More Time" music video. Britney's…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 24, 2013

BANGERZ Fans: Which Is Your Favorite Song?

There was a lot of anticipation for Miley's album, BANGERZ, which I can genuinely say is pretty darn good. You can tell how much collaboration…
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell Oct 18, 2013

Are People Too Harsh On Robin Thicke?

A couple of days ago I posted the link to Robin Thicke's GQ interview on Facebook. I've stated how I feel about him, the article…

POLL: Which Record Will You Buy October 8th?

On October 8th TONS of new music is coming your way, so I want to know what you're going to pick up. VOTE below!
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 04, 2013

POLL: Who Had Your Favorite VMAs Performance? Watch & Vote

We have all had almost a day to soak it all in, so who had your favorite performance at this year's MTV VMAs? Watch them all…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Aug 26, 2013

Is Cheryl Coles new tattoo 'too much' ?

Cheryl Cole is trending on twitter and it's all because of a picture that has emerged of her latest tattoo! People have divided opinions about…