Music Polls

Yay Or Nay: Zendaya's New Pixie Cut

Aside from being one of the biggest Disney stars, singer, and incredible dancer, one of the things 18-year old Zendaya is known for is her…
rebeccahrose Feb 10, 2015

VOTE! Best Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Let's be honest, we're only watching the Super Bowl for the halftime show! This year Katy Perry will be taking the stage, but I'm curious…

VOTE: Best 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' Cover

Christmas is right around the corner and the season's most popular song is all over the radio -- Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas…

POLL: Which Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lipstick Are You Buying First?

As you probably have seen, I am releasing my first 3 liquid to matte lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics on Black Friday! The response has…
jeffreestar Nov 12, 2014

POLL: Who Was The Music Queen of Summer 2014?

As summer 2014 comes to an end, it's time to look back and realize how #blessed we are with all the amazing new tunes and…
Callina Marie
Callina Marie Aug 30, 2014

POLL: Who Has The Better Booty?

It's the battle of the booties!!!! It's no mystery that having a little more junk in the trunk is not only a good thing but…
Kimberly Cole
Kimberly Cole Aug 28, 2014

2014 MTV Video Music Awards: Who Will Win Best Female Video?

There have been so many great songs and music videos of 2014, but we want to know which one you think will take home the…

POLL: What Pair Of Converse Should I Rock On Tour?

Hey All! I am so excited to announce that after this Fall Out Boy tour I will joining the Demi Lovato tour. I have 3…
Danny Kurily
Danny Kurily Aug 20, 2014

Poll: Which A-List Celeb Aged Best 20+ Years Later?

Age looks good on these A-List celebs, but which star do you think looks the best?

Teen Choice Awards 2014: Who Has The Best Smile?

It's a no brainer that these stars brighten up our lives with their infectious and beautiful smiles, but which one will win the award for…

Your Pick: Who's The Hottest NEW Couple of 2014?

Which new love-connection do you think is the hottest of 2014? We want to know which one is YOUR favorite!

Poll: Hollywood's Hottest "It" Girl of 2014

Each of these stars have become mega "It" girls in their own right! We want to know which one you think takes the crown!

What draws you to music the most?

Happy Friday, everyone! Let's start off this weekend with a poll. After my last post about "The 5 albums that changed my life," I realized…
Kramer Osborn
Kramer Osborn Apr 25, 2014

Music: What's Your Favorite Genre?

The beautiful thing about music is that it can touch various audiences on such a global scale. We are curious to see which genre is…

The Many Phases Of Britney Spears: Which Britney Is Your Favorite?

Throughout the years, we have seen all different shades of Britney Spears. Some good, some bad and some spectacular. From her Mickey Mouse days to…