Music Journals

Artists You Want to Know: KATE NASH

Remember in 2007 when that cute ginger British girl with the freckles made you fall in love with her by singing about her failing relationship…
jessicatsimpson Aug 21, 2014

Brighten Up: The Power Of Highlighter!

Highlight and contour are two major steps in getting the perfect beauty look. Believe it or not, with a general understanding, a bit of practice…
jeffreestar 1 day ago

25 Epic Mermaid Tattoo ideas!

I've been aching to get some new ink but haven't figured out yet what it would be that I'd wanna carry with me for the…
Kerli 22 hrs ago

Style Profile: Louisa Rose Allen

Louisa Rose Allen best known as the English singer- songwriter from Foxes is my style muse for the week. Her matching play suits, wide brim…
Kathleen Deleasa
Kathleen Deleasa 19 hrs ago

WATCH: Jeffree Star Shares His Top 5 Favorite Albums Of All Time!

Besides makeup, my other passion is music. Ever since I can remember, I hated silence. I wanted it filled with guitars and melodies to sing…
jeffreestar Jun 03, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Final State

Meet Final State, a pop-rock band from Quebec City, Quebec. This four-piece is steadily making a name for themselves in Canada with their catchy melodies…
clarefitz 1 day ago

Disney Princesses Gone Bad Pt2

Due to all the love I received after posting about your favorite Disney heroines in punk sauce, I decided to make another one of these…
Kerli Aug 21, 2014

Aaron Paul Is Looking Mighty Handsome On The Cover Of Flaunt Magazine!

Aaron Paul made his way to the cover of Flaunt Magazine's September Issue! He looks mighty dapper rocking one of my favorite denim brands, Cult…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 21, 2014

Song Of The Day: "New York" by Zak Downtown

If you haven't heard of Zak Downtown yet, don't worry - you will. The New York native has been gaining major buzz online with his…
Tina Aug 22, 2014

Bat Those Lashes Baby!

Fake eyelashes are a great way to step up your look to the next level. There are endless options from natural to curled and volumized…
jeffreestar Aug 21, 2014

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Trims Jared Leto's Beard And We're Green With Envy!

No fair!  Ok Ok...we get that Jimmy Fallon is big time and gets only top A-List stars to come on the Tonight Show, but COME ON...he…

What In The World Have I Been Doing

Hello Buzznet, we've been friends for a really long time and I thought that I haven't been showing you no love. My bad, I've been super…
gabbiebrown Aug 21, 2014

From The Indie Vault: Tiny Stills

Tiny Stills - For fans of: Rilo Kiley, Tegan & Sara, Say Anything Tiny Stills' frontwoman Kailynn West has been a DIY musician since the age…
Tina Aug 21, 2014

Taylor Swift Launches Cat Sneakers!

As if her name isn't already in every huge publication today with the album launch, new song, and latest video (which is amazing by the way)…

Get One On ONESIE With Your Favorite Celebs!

What is better than being comfortable, getting to dress like an over-sized child all while being hip? NOTHING! Which is why I think we all…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Aug 20, 2014