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stephejo Dec 23, 2011

Mtv Skins Season Two FTW!

As many of you already know, we haven't gotten any word from MTV yet about a MTV Skins Season Two. However, as fans it is…
natashamariell Apr 19, 2011

Suffering from 'Missing Skins Syndrom'? You are not alone!

Hard to believe it's already been two weeks since the season finale of Mtv Skins . Waiting for word from MTV about a second season is…
natashamariell Apr 02, 2011

SKINS RECAP: Eura/Everyone

nbsp; On the season finale of Mtv Skins, Eura finally speaks! She not only speaks, she goes missing. The gang bands together to find her…

SKINS RECAP: Birthday Blues

This week on the second to last episode of Mtv's Skins, Tina was amazing! I was excited to see this episode (despite everyone's complaints…

SKINS RECAP: All Work, No Play?

This week on MTV's Skins, we finally learn more about Daisy Valero. Daisy is a hardworking , caring, talented girl. With no mother in the picture…
natashamariell Mar 08, 2011

SKINS' Sofia Black-D'Elia Stands Up Against Haters

Sofia Black-D'Elia, also known as Tea on US Skins, stood up for herself and her fellow MTVers against Megan Phelps-Roper today. It all started when…
alexisdent Mar 07, 2011

SKINS RECAP: Team Michelle!

nbsp;                     This week on MTV's Skins, Michelle finally stands up for herself. This was the one episode…

Buzznet Interview The Cast of MTV Skins: Ron Mustafaa AKA Abbud

You’ve probably seen the billboards, the commercials, and the bus benches. The UK’s hit teen soap opera Skins is on Monday nights at 10 on…


This week on MTV's Skins it was Abbud's time to shine. To say I was impressed with Ron Mustafaa would be the understatement of the century. This…

SKINS' Scene By Scene Tracklist

Reblogged from amckenzie So all of us that follow Skins knows that Matt FX picks out amazing music for the show, and he even does episode…
Alice Lives
Alice Lives Feb 19, 2011 Originally by amckenzie

Skins Caption Contest: What’s Abbud Saying? VOTE NOW!

Okay so I entered the 'Abbud Caption Contest' sponsored by Wetpaint. The prize is a 100% genuine Skins US script, signed by the cast. You…
natashamariell Feb 19, 2011

SKINS' Scene By Scene Tracklist

So all of us that follow Skins knows that Matt FX picks out amazing music for the show, and he even does episode recaps for…
alexisdent Feb 18, 2011


In honor of Valentines Day and my undying love for MTV's Skins, I'm doing a very special recap. This week, we finally learned who the…

SKINS RECAP: Cadie Copes With Disappointment

nbsp;    The week on MTV's SKINS we took a wild ride through the unstable mind of Cadie. I finally understood why she is the way…