Bluebirds Bouquet for Mother's Day
Earthlostangel May 10, 2014
Happy Mother's Day Poem!vid

Happy Mother's Day Poem!

Tayla from Tea Time with Tayla wrote a mothers day poem for moms. If you're a mother, grandma, grandmother, or mom - this Mother's Day…
teatimewithtayla Apr 29, 2014
My Mother Kept a Garden, a Garden of the HeartPoem read by LeSCINTILLA Caccini's Ave Maria by Jan Muldervid

"My Mother Kept a Garden, a Garden of the Heart"~Poem read by LeSCINTILLA~ Caccini's Ave Maria by Jan Mulder This video was first uploaded on my YouTube channel LeSCINTILLA
LeSCINTILLA Jul 15, 2012
Perez Hiltonpic

Perez Hilton

27 pics
laetitia12 Jun 01, 2012
Britney Spearspic
Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 14, 2012 Originally by nazafifa
Charlize Theronpic

Charlize Theron

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Naz Buzz
Naz Buzz May 13, 2012
Take a breath and listen listenpic

Take a breath and listen (listen)

This is a picture of a moth I took at my friend's moms house. :) I love this little guy. He had such beautiful colors…
Just Leave Me Alonevid

Just Leave Me Alone

Just leave Me Alone is for all of you smothering parents out there that worry about every little thing when it comes to their children…
nakeshalowe May 27, 2011

Get Mother's Days Gifs For Free

Are you having a difficult time attempting to imagine a gift for the mother on mother day? Do not worry, there are very many ideas…
article3 May 01, 2011
Robert Lauri - Sweet Millavid

Robert Lauri - Sweet Milla

Sweet Milla, extract of the album New Face. Music and arrangements Robert Lauri. Video editing Anna Clara Passarelli. More info on More info and…
Robert Lauri
Robert Lauri Aug 03, 2010

...why can't things be different?

Statistics prove that as a daughter gets older in her teenage years, her relationship with her mother strengthens. Yeah right. Every time I try to…
chescaacakes May 28, 2010
I'm in a turquoise and purple phase...pic

I'm in a turquoise and purple phase...

Written to MGMT - Kids (Oracular Spectacular) Today was Mother’s day, I hope everyone wished their mother (or whatever mother figure is in their life) a…
ashaxbarbie May 09, 2010

Mothers day 2010

i hope everyone had a great mothers day and got to go out with their family if they didn't work and all that.Do feel free…
brianjameson May 09, 2010
OneHundredTwo. Buckle my shoepic

OneHundredTwo. Buckle my shoe

I've run out of ideas so HERE IS A PICTURE OF MY MUM. YEAHHHHHHHH!1!!ONE!!!!1! She scares small children into learning. Fear her. ....I should really sleep....and not…
sequin Apr 11, 2010