Summer Buzzin 'Suits' GIF Party!

It's well into the summer and one of my favoritest shows, USA's Suits, is coming back tonight! Do you know how excited I am? No, you really don't…
pishelle Jul 16, 2013

'Suits' Recap: Zane Vs. Zane

There was no Nashville this week, so sad, but thank goodness for Suits last night!  Always makes my week better! The stakes are high this…
pishelle Feb 01, 2013

'Suits' Recap: Blood In The Water

Hello Buzznet! Just Suits here, none of that Suit and Tie stuff. It is rather obvioius how much I love this show and yet I…
pishelle Jan 25, 2013

'Suits' Return GIF Party!

You guys already know how much I lurve Suits! And tonight the second half of season 2 continues on USA - I CANNOT WAIT! This…
pishelle Jan 17, 2013

5 Reasons To Watch USA's 'Suits'

One of my favorite shows is finally coming back!  I cannot believe I haven't seen my boys in a year. Suits started last summer and…
pishelle Jun 14, 2012