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Watch: Destiny Child Reunites For Michelle Williams' "Say Yes" Music Video!

For the first time since their 2013 Super Bowl performance, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams of the dynamic girl group Destiny's Child reunited for Williams' new…
Janae Manigault
Janae Manigault Jun 18, 2014

Essential Films To Watch, Brokeback Mountain

Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) along with Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) meet during the summer associated with 1963 inside the film Brokeback Mountain when they’re…
jadedpatchwork580 Jun 12, 2014

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: My Top 10 Most Shockingly (Amazing) Celebrity Haircuts

When wanting to do something drastic with our hair, most of us look to celebrities for inspiration or ideas, then you talk yourself into it…
ashliredden Jan 23, 2014

Artist On The Rise: Jamia

Jamia is going to be someone you will be hearing a lot from starting very soon.  She is a 17-year-old, incredibly talented songstress who is…
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Actress Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe in : "my week with marilyn" want to get the look? go to my blog and leave a comment any…
kriistaAnne May 05, 2013

Do you wanna look like if you were in the land of OZ?

The new Disney's movie called OZ is full of magic and fantasy, and of course who didn't want to look like somebody who appeared in…
Kate Lanphearpic
Taara Lynn
Taara Lynn Mar 13, 2013 Originally by caitlinobrien
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Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Mar 12, 2013

Is This Michelle Williams Native American Inspired Magazine Cover Offensive?

Here we go again! This past year there have been some pretty degrading uses of Native American culture including No Doubt's Looking Hot Video and…


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Katelyn Annyce
Katelyn Annyce Mar 09, 2013

My Oz The Great and Powerful Review

 Oz The Great and Powerful (2013)    A small-time touring magician (James Franco) dreams of being a huge success. Little does he know that he is about to…

Michelle's Movie Corner "Oz: The Great and Powerful"

Hey Buzzloves. I haven't been posting lots, but you know I always find ways to talk about TV shows and movies. I was covering a…
pishelle Mar 08, 2013

Oz The Great And Powerful: GIF SPAM EDITION!

Haha, Oh gosh. So because it's opening day release for Disney's "Oz: The Great And Powerful." What other way to celebrate than with gifs? Or…
Haleigh Rice
Haleigh Rice Mar 08, 2013

Disney's Oz The Great And Powerful Is A 3D Wonder

When I think of "OZ", I think of a land somewhere over the rainbow filled with the good, the wicked, unity, betrayal and of course…