Drinking with my girlfriends at Savoy Pub in Vancouver BCpic

Drinking with my girlfriends at Savoy Pub in Vancouver BC

Drinking with my girlfriends at Savoy Pub #memories #cheers #drinking #blond #friends #goodtimes #lovemyfriends #lovemylife #bestweekend #partygirls #bartender #clubbing #loveher #shebeautifu #drunk #drank #SavoyPub #Vancouver…
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savoypub Oct 13, 2014

Operating Reliable Funeral Homes In Houston

A great deal of children reap benefits from observing their parents work. Owning real estate can be prevalent, but my family were the managers of…
tpubusinessinfo Aug 22, 2014

Lessons Learned Through Funeral Homes In Houston

Observing parents on the job is an excellent way to promote enrichment and progress. Many peoples mothers and fathers own assets or businesses, and mine…
kbyideasforbusiness Aug 22, 2014

Operating Purposeful Funeral Homes In Houston

According to the vast majority of folks, my childhood experience was quite unique. For the most part, my life felt much like any other child…
kbyideasforbusiness Aug 21, 2014
Super Full Moonpic

Super Full Moon

Blurry shot of the Moon that was both Full and Super (meaing it was the closest to the Earth at some point) last night.  In main…
dora Jul 13, 2014

How Acquiring Adequate Rest Will Help You Using Your Reminiscence

Recollection is definately a vital part of our own every single day resides in every way that it may be devastating to put up with…
mindjanetjp Jun 25, 2014

That Girl This Place

Hi my sweet . Recently, I will try to write more often and not only write and I plan to start shooting video from learning…
Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie May 31, 2014
And instead we went through the fire to get lost in sin.pic

And instead we went through the fire to get lost in sin.

So, I know that most of you Buzzneters are probably going to be heading to TONS of music festivals while I am stuck inside at…
breathefashion May 29, 2014

Monday Memos: Animal Fiction, the ONLY band you will be listening to this summer

nbsp;    Hello people of the internet!!! On today’s Monday Memos I am going to introduce y’all to an AMAZING new band whose music is so infectious…
celindareyes May 12, 2014