Banner 2 for Maxiniedpic

Banner 2 for Maxinied

Hope it floats your boat :)
Dani Jun 28, 2012
Banner for Maxiniedpic

Banner for Maxinied

Hope ya like it, just tell me if ya want something changed! :) 
Dani May 18, 2012

In The Mourning [1]

September 10, 2001. He had a lock of my brightly colored, crimson red hair in his hands, twirling it around in his fingers as I laid…

In The Mourning: Character Info.

Hey everyone! I'm starting a new Joshayley/Tayley story with maxinied. BUT here's the thing, we have no banner. If someone could make us one, that…
Safe and Sound banner for Maxinepic

Safe and Sound banner for Maxine

I hope you like it bbg, I'm so excited for your story! :)
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Shit Canadians Say For Zoe and Maxinevid

Shit Canadians Say (For Zoe and Maxine)

Lol this is pretty funny, eh? I found a bunch of these on youtube. xD
Miricale Banner For Maxie!:pic

Miricale Banner For Maxie!:)

I just had to do something on fotoflexer!:) Eh, I'm sure how good it is lol, but you don't have to use it!
Andy Sixxpic

Andy Sixx

How's this for my one shot banner, Maxie? I don't need one for my fic btw(:
Maya Massacre
Maya Massacre Oct 24, 2011


Hey Guys! Maxine here... Well not really, Katie is nice enough to post this on hers since I've got no way of getting on to…

Set Me Free. Oneshot.

Dedicated to Maxine {Maxinied}, for she gave me the idea to write this and introduced me to this beauuuuutiful song. :) Seriously, if you haven't…

Chapter Six- Time Of Your Life When You're Young

OKayy. Restless Heart Syndrome is coming soon. lol. XD Maxine's POV"Stephen." I smiled as he parted away from the kiss."Yeah?" He smiled.I shook my head, "You…

Song of The Day; The Summer Set- Young

Okay, I'd like to say THANK YOU to Maxine, who got me into them. They're utterly amazing, and i LOVE them now XD PLanning on…

Chapter Four- Time Of Your Life When You're Young

Sorry It Took so long! Buzznet keeps effing up, and we kept having troubles, then I got grounded and blah blah blah. ahaha. So, HERE…


OKay peoples. I wanna know what type of thing I could post on here that you guys could participate in. Like, a charity thing, video stuff…
PunkRockNimrod Jun 24, 2010