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Matt Shadows with Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivanpic
favourite music of the dayvid

favourite music of the day

wah.. yesterday i had a really bad day but finally its end...
mercyy Jun 10, 2013

[jimmy] his face is a map of the world [sullivan] part 2

Reblogged from redandblack (again this is original stuff just reposting it on my new account.) part 2 of it.hope you guys like it.and thank u Laura for…
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[jimmy] his face is a map of the world [sullivan]

Reblogged from redandblack (redandblack was my first buzznet account. unforuntately i dont remember the login info for it so i had to make a new one.) guys…
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Valary DiBenedetto e Avenged Sevenfoldpic

Valary DiBenedetto e Avenged Sevenfold

Semana passada, o Zacky V. disse em uma entrevista para uma Rádio Canadense que a banda vai ficar em casa descansando antes de começar a…
rachelsullivan Jun 29, 2012
matt's tattoospic

does anyone read fics on here?

because i have a shit ton. all of them are avenged sevenfold. if people do/want to read them, let me know. if not...im never fucking…
manicfame Jan 03, 2012


25 pics
manicfame Jan 02, 2012

Lust and Lace (a m. shadows oneshot)

“Why did we come down here?” I asked my friend Nikki as we walked down the sidewalk in Beverly Hills.   “Because we have to get…
manicfame Jan 02, 2012
Avenged Sevenfoldpic
Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold Dec 31, 2011 Originally by xanderdeccio
Avenged Sevenfoldpic
Brian, Jimmy, and Zacky 2004pic

Brian, Jimmy, and Zacky 2004

Brian, Jimmy, and Zacky being photographed while they made a pit stop on the road during a tour in 2004.
ellamarco Dec 07, 2011
RiP Jimmy.pic
A Letter To My Rapist story.pic
Brian and Mattpic

Brian and Matt

soooo hott!! even if ti's been photoshopped!!
xogerardine Sep 12, 2011 Originally by almostxeasy