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Current Obsession : Beauty Marks

So I recently discovered BEAUTY MARKS by this amazing lady called MR. KATE - Ican't get over how fun thy are- basically they are your…
licari Sep 18, 2014

MAC Teases Rocky Horror Picture Show Line For October!

Time to bust out your sequin hot pants, MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to launch a Rocky Horror themed line…
rebeccahrose Sep 17, 2014

I Woke Up like This

Even though we're young, sometimes our skin doesn't necessarily appear that way. With our crazy schedules stacked full of classes, jobs, events, late-nights, and junk-food…
Mindy White
Mindy White Sep 16, 2014

Why You Shouldn't Spend More Than $100 For Online Shopping

The answer being simple because for 100 dollars you can get quite a lot of good deals on online shoppingthan you get them at malls and…
robecart Sep 14, 2014

My Little Muse : Larsen Thompson

I recently started working with a 13 year old model, Larsen Thompson, she is a FIRECRACKER!! Not just because of her long red locks, but…
licari Sep 14, 2014

Choosing The Best 2014 Homecoming Dress With Worldwide Free Shipping

Welcome to the world of Online Shopping with amazingly new experience altogether at Robecart. We give you immense shopping experience and range in clothing, jewellery, dresses, makeup…
robecart Sep 12, 2014

Cinematic Junkie Madness

Autumn, the best time of year.The excess of horror movies, warm-tones, sweaters, pumpkin flavored everything, and of course the sacred holiday that is Halloween. While…
monalee Sep 10, 2014

Nars 20th Anniversary Collection

Hey Buzzneters, Nars turns 20 this year & to honor the occasion the makeup artist created the new Audacious Lipstick Collection  which contains 40 luxurious shades…
Faith Lorna
Faith Lorna Sep 05, 2014

Foundation & Contour Routine

Hello My LOVES! Today I wanted to do a video showing you my updated foundation and contour routine! My skin has gotten 1000% better and I…
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Sep 05, 2014

Sofia Richie On Set For Her September Cover Shoot!

What are your thoughts on Sofia Richie?
licari Sep 04, 2014

End Of Summer Giveaway: WIN Jazmin Whitley YOU x UNDERFED Crop Tops!

What is more comfy and fashion forward than a cotton graphic crop top? The black and white crop tops from my collection are a must…
licari Sep 02, 2014


Cosmetics, Shopping And Intoxication Let's face cosmetics , beauty , cheap , discount , makeup it, reputable MAC cosmetics wholesale suppliers are few and far between…
ignorantstomach84 Sep 02, 2014

Brush up on beauty - Autumn/Winter hair and make up trends

MAKE-UP Molten metals Metallic make-up might sound like a look best left at high school proms but it isn’t all silver lipsticks and electric blue eyeliner. At…
floreswinter Aug 31, 2014

The Secret To Relationships

Ello my lover bugs.. recently I have been going through some personal issues dealing with a breakup. I swear if you look at my Buzznet…
Samii Ryan
Samii Ryan Aug 31, 2014

How to Get Taylor Schilling's Sultry Emmys Look

Orange Is the New Black's Taylor Schilling woke up the morning of the Emmys and didn’t know what she would be wearing to television’s biggest…
floreswinter Aug 26, 2014