Make Your College Years The Best They Can Be

{Do you feel it is time for you to pursue your goals in education? Are you realizing that it is time to do something for…
egglute0 Jul 25, 2014

Video Game Information That Everyone Needs To Know

{From basic training to classrooms worldwide, video games can be used to make our lives better or just more entertaining. They are an excellent way…
barber89teller Jul 24, 2014
Porche Man 2014 shoot-Brandon Nicholspic

Porche Man 2014 shoot-Brandon Nichols

Who doesnt enjoy being 2014 porcheman and also get to drive a beautiful white 2014 caymen porche!! I think yes and that includes all the…
brandonnichols Jul 23, 2014
NY - LApic


Hi everyone!   i suppose for my first post i should let you know a little about myself & my experiences in the world of fashion.. this…
TheBlackEyedBlonde Jul 01, 2014

Queen Bey Tops Forbes' Celeb 100 List At #1!

It shoud be no surprise that Beyonce, the award-winning, multi-talented songstress and diva, has earned another top spot but this time on the Forbes' Celeb…
Britney Flattered By Miranda Lambertpic

Britney Flattered By Miranda Lambert

Britney caught wind of Miranda Lambert’s recent quote about working out. The country star says she thinks of Britney’s body when she wants motivation to…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jun 30, 2014
Kesha Looks Crazy Good In Teen Voguepic

"Earth and Sun" Editorial by Aimee Stoddart

Photos: Aimee StoddartHair & Makeup: Jess ChapmanStylist: Olivia FrankowskiModel: Sarah Tilleke
Mandi Jun 24, 2014


business magazine and Online guide online
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online fitness magazine

Fitness Magazine Overview For years I used to be searching for a fast repair, for the fitting solutions in find out how to achieve the physique…
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Time: Still Obsessed With Britney Spears 16 Years Laterpic

Time: Still Obsessed With Britney Spears 16 Years Later

Britney Spears is one of the 100 Most Obsessed-Over People on the Web, according to TIME. TIME collected data from celebrities’ Wikipedia pages, including the number…
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Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jun 06, 2014

Daniel Gibson opens up about divorce from Keyshia Cole

Words and Images by DeWayne Rogers Styled by Kris Cole Grooming by Ella Mokamba Daniel Gibson is at a crossroad. He knows it. And so does the rest…
Denzel Hurd
Denzel Hurd Jun 05, 2014
Kendall Jenner Poses for Interviewpic


Photographer: Stephen Maycock Photography
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Kenz Torres
Kenz Torres Jun 02, 2014

HOT or NOT: Fitness in Fashion

Betsey Johnson's 2013 Ready To Wear collection Betsey Johnson is going to be debuting her fitness line after closing her shops and declaring bankruptcy a few…