Sweet or Rough?

Music : The Madd - Ongeneeslijk BeatThe titel of the picture makes you think about some local dutch hip-hop music. But The Madd from Rotterdam has…

What makes me mad.

1. When someone talks during a movie 2. When i'm watching a TV series and my mom asks me a bunch a questions on what's happening…
Antigoni May 21, 2011

Drunk Driving

In 2005 I was almost killed by a drunk driver. I decided to type up my story and put it on various social networking sites…
kellymcg Feb 14, 2009
Friday-designate-drunking- mon-keypic
Stone Family Framepic

Stone Family Frame

VT's window frame surrounds the statue erected to the memories of those people killed by drunk drivers on Hawaii's roadways. This statue is located in…
macpro Dec 11, 2004