Soundwave 2012 theme: What will it be?

Next February, Australia's Soundwave Festival will celebrate it's 9th Birthday and according to AJ, the festival manager, plans for 2012 are well under way! Last night…
Emily Basham
Emily Basham Sep 23, 2011
Machine Head - Halovid

Machine Head - Halo

Blackening Album. Track 8. FUCKING EPIC song.
Rob Flynn.pic

Rob Flynn.

Machine Head. London. 3rd August 2009.
SamBall. Jan 21, 2010
Me lookin HOT! And I do mean temperature...LOLpic
Ivan Moody and Mepic

2009 Mayhem Fest Dates and Bands!

Hey!The Mayhem team have outdone themselves and last years tour with the announcement of the 2009 Rockstar Mayhem Festival lineup and dates! See below for…
Martine.C Jan 27, 2009

Mansion at Mayhem

It looks like Marilyn Manson is going to be headlining  Rockstar Mayhem this year along with Slayer.  At least that is was Revolver is saying.  Killswitch Engage…

Warped Tour '09 is Coming! New Dates and Bands Announced!

Hey everybody! I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season, but I know, being from Canada and all, you all cant wait to get…
Martine.C Dec 24, 2008

HUGE 5FDP, Disturbed, killswitch engaged NEWS !!!!!

Disturbed, Killswitch Engaged and Five Finger Death Punch are the first three acts expected to appear on the upcoming 2009 edition of the "Music As…
5FDPATL Nov 17, 2008
Adam Duce - Machine Headpic

Adam Duce - Machine Head

Lol I love how this was a tour that Slipknot headlined, but the shots I've been posting are of Machine Head. I'm just lazy and…

Wanna help out your favorite bands ?

Listen up Metal heads !!!!! If you want to support your favorite bands, and also recieve special offers directly from the bands. Go to…
5FDPATL Nov 02, 2008
Ivan L Moody Ghostpic
Robb Flynn - Machine Headpic

Robb Flynn - Machine Head

At Brisbane Riverstage in support of Slipknot on the All Hope Is Gone Tour '08. I fucking love this guy. I've been feeling really sick lately…
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Robb Flynn of Machine Head Brisbane Riverstagevid

Robb Flynn of Machine Head @ Brisbane Riverstage

Supporting Slipknot on 24/10/08. He poured/sprayed alcohol on the crowd a fair few times, I am proud and not at all degraded to have been…