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Secondhand Habit Prepares for a Huge Reaction to Their Latest Album, Anaphylactic Rock

For a group influenced by such 90s headliners as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Weezer and Green Day, Secondhand Habit seems…
wifipr Nov 11, 2013

My Love Letter for Pierce The Veil

When I first heard of Pierce The Veil, I’ll admit: I was soft, so I didn’t like them very much. I looked down upon screamo-tinged…
KatieJRod Dec 10, 2011

My darling, My dearest...

The 'My Darling My Dearest' tee has been the top seller of our lastest collection Tough Love. This tee features love letters from a husband…
Madness Is
Madness Is Oct 22, 2011

Jim Carrey Sends Emma Stone Video Love Letter: Creepy or Sweet?

Ever since she popped up on our radar as Jules in 2007's Superbad, many of us have fallen in love with Emma Stone. One celeb…
Patty Aug 25, 2011

I promise you wont Regret it.

AUTOMATIC LOVELETTER   ADD AS A FRIEND PLEASE. :] Please Check them Out! It is my life, to get them famous. And, to see them in concert. I…
brjspatd Jan 03, 2009

Originally a Love Letter

This is most decidedly awkward. I don’t know why I’m always so prone to complicating even the simplest things, but that’s the way it goes…
jill2282 Nov 02, 2008

It's not about me anymore.

It's not about me anymore. It's about you. I'm giving it all to you, because you know better and I know in my heart that you…
ohsoclever Jul 20, 2008

Bree My Love

Your goodness springs forth like a fountain. Your beauty mesmerizes the blind.  Yur intelligence is that of the best of scholars. And that is why…


I'm waiting for teh funnehs!I even enter contests I'm not allowed to win. (mostly 'cause Kron would be mad at me if I didn't, but…
breesays Feb 12, 2008

Getting kicked out of places!

Heello!You know what I did yesterday!?!?!? I started knitting! I'm knitting a gray hat but I'm only half way through and have just a little…
spiffexy Jan 08, 2008

To My Buzznet Bitch Extraordinaire (Yes Yes, To You)

For about four years I've hated this townThere's so much I just want to get out Since graduation was long agoPlease somebody get me out…
amboneandonly Oct 18, 2007

Love Letter

Dear the boy I think of most And talk to just for fun I know you never watch me, so I’ve written what I’ve done I slammed the door…
only4afi Aug 09, 2006