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Tattoos I Want

There are a bunch of tattos that I want before I get old and flacid. So if you want to check them out here they…
Fandi Apr 20, 2014

What I Be Project

Freedom has always been in our veins. It does not matter where you live. We are all equal and we have a right to be…
Forbidden Apr 20, 2014

Will Costa + Color Pencils + Celebrities = Amazing ART

Hy Guys! Well, inaugurating the blog, I wanted to share with you an artist here from Brazil that with color pencil, realistic traits and a…
Priscila Oliver
Priscila Oliver Apr 19, 2014

Revealing Realistic insurance Plans

Why do you bring an umbrella? You likewise bring an umbrella in case it rains, at least forward-looking people do. In other words, an umbrella is…
drawhouse Apr 18, 2014

Don't give up on life, please!

So many young people kill themselves. It makes me feel incredibly sad and helpless and I wish there was something I could do. So, here…
sunitaanja Apr 18, 2014

#BuzzneterLife: This Is Me

Let me show you something. I'm a shy girl but sometimes I need to say a loud about my life. And I thought about showing…
Forbidden Apr 17, 2014

Green Living Functions Far better By using Green Medicine

Whether you might be into green living or maybe not, you would be wise to use green medicine for your health. Green medicine utilizes your…
cureinfo739 Apr 17, 2014

Never Lose Your Flame

Reblogged from gabbiebrown It's time to get personal on the BUZZNET blog. I usually don't hold anything back, and let you have it all (Life, How…
sunitaanja Apr 13, 2014 Originally by gabbiebrown

Never Lose Your Flame

It's time to get personal on the BUZZNET blog. I usually don't hold anything back, and let you have it all (Life, How a musician…
gabbiebrown Apr 12, 2014

Literally Literary: Spotlight on Tyler Knott Gregson

There are writers and poets who just get it. Then, there are writers and poets who are so on point, you have no choice but…
Tina Apr 11, 2014

Tweet To Win: Your Favorite Happiness Brand Clothing!

Hey Buzznet Pals I recently did a really fun photo shoot with a few of my fellow Buzzmakers for this amazing clothing line called Happines Brand! Watch…
Dani Vitale
Dani Vitale Apr 10, 2014

My Diary: Anorexia Is Not A Life, Anorexia Is Suffering

Anorexia is not a life. Anorexia is suffering. "She" isn't my friend and "she" destroys everything around me, everything what I'm able to make during…
Forbidden Apr 07, 2014

Last night I dreamt….

Last night I dreamt I left my beloved Ohio home, family, lover, and all, and ran away to the big apple.I dyed my hair red…
AlexMcKelley Apr 06, 2014

Being On The Other Side Of An Interview!

Last week I got the opportunity to head over to the Pop Trigger studio to do some co-hosting with the cast of Pop Trigger! My…
Dani Vitale
Dani Vitale Mar 26, 2014

Do you love aromatherapy oils?!!?!

I have some brand new oils I bought yesterday up on my ebay!!! Why am I selling them you must be asking? The store does not accept…
Katie Cupcakes
Katie Cupcakes Mar 20, 2014