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Lezly Dec 10, 2012

R.I.P. Little Girl

Saddest news ever...  Last night Bill Kaulitz made a post on the BTK App, the one that he shares with his twin Tom Kaulitz. Bill's little…
Lezly Dec 06, 2012

Bill Kaulitz Interview For "Werte schaffen Werte"

Hello everybody! How have you been? :-)  Well... Let's talk about my favorite singer: Bill Kaulitz!  Today it appeared a new interview of him with Ulrich Wickert. The…
Lezly Dec 05, 2012
Dark Cherry Mocha with Karlapic

Dark Cherry Mocha with Karla

My friend Karla had a kind of obsession with Starbucks during this month, so... Hahaha :-)
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Lezly Nov 29, 2012

Sick And Tired Of Everything...

Hi guys! How have you been? For me... This is the worst month ever... I'm so depressed for everything that is happening with my life...  First…
Lezly Nov 20, 2012

Heidi Klum & David Hasselhoff Go Gangnam Style For MTV EMA '12

Hey guys! Are you excited for the MTV EMA '12? This year the party took place in the german city of Frankfurt. Who's the host?…
Lezly Nov 11, 2012

Oh, Hi Dip Dyed Hair!

Hi guys!! How have you been? I want to tell you something!! :-)  After a loooooong time waiting for my dip dyed hair... FINALLY I go…
Lezly Nov 09, 2012
No Doubt Presents Their New Video Looking Hotvid

No Doubt Presents Their New Video "Looking Hot"

Take a look at No Doubt's new video! They went to the Old West style just to give us the best idea for their new…
Lezly Nov 02, 2012

Have You Seen Skyfall Yet?

On October 29th I attended to the avant première of "Skyfall".  To be honest... I haven't seen a James Bond movie in YEARS, but after watching…
Lezly Nov 02, 2012

Happy Halloween :-)

Hey guys! Did you have a blast last night? I'm sure you did ;-)  Every year I love to watch every horror movie during Halloween while…
Lezly Nov 01, 2012
Rock 'n' Roller Puppetpic

Bill & Tom Kaulitz Costumes For Halloween

While I was having a great time with my cousins... Bill & Tom (Tokio Hotel) were celebrating at a Halloween party at the Roosevelt Hotel.  Let's…
Lezly Oct 30, 2012

A Weekend With My Cousins

Last weekend I was at my cousin's house. We had such a lovely time together watching movies, talking and eating as much as we can!…
Lezly Oct 30, 2012

It Has Been a Year Since...

OMG... Can't believe that it has been a year since I met Cobra Starship for the very first time!!  Last year Cobra Starship came to Peru…
Lezly Oct 17, 2012

Girls' Generation Presents The Japanese Version Of "Oh!"

Girls Generation is my favorite korean group! All the girls are so freaking gorgeous and talented! Today they finally released the japanese version of one of…
Lezly Sep 13, 2012