2 9 13 by Venus Voyagerpic

2 ♦9 ♦13 by Venus Voyager

2 ♦9 ♦13 by Venus Voyager I will be in China till June, for the latest updates of what is going on with me follow these. ♣ALICE IN…
vikkiwonderland Feb 08, 2013
2-4-13 Sasha Gailpic

2-4-13 Sasha Gail

Sasha Gail This was the photoshoot we did last week. I was so happy how much we got done that day. Afterwards we went to go…
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vikkiwonderland Feb 06, 2013
My Big Fat Gypsy fam.pic

My Big Fat Gypsy fam.

Watched an episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Family. They talk about the seclusiveness of the gypsy culture, how they shun anyone that is not…
vikkiwonderland Feb 04, 2013
Getting shirts of myself MADE, VOTE FANS VOTE!!pic

Getting shirts of myself MADE, VOTE FANS VOTE!!

my T-shirt, done by Vikki L. Y. VOTE FANS VOTE!!♦ZUI♦ & ♦Vikki L. Y.♦ are starting a fashion line, which I will be carrying in my…
Venus Voyager McDonald's. Lattepic

Venus Voyager McDonald's. Latte

by Venus Warrior 2.2.13 ♣ALICE IN Wonderland Rejects FB♣ ♣ALICE IN WONDERLAND REJECTS the video series coming 2014♣ ♣ALICE IN WONDERLAND REJECTS TWITTER♣  
vikkiwonderland Feb 02, 2013
Lean On Me Lyricspic

Lean On Me Lyrics

nbsp;      by Vikki L. Y.   Bill WithersLean On Me lyrics   Songwriters: CROUCH/HATHAWAY   Sometimes in our lives We all have pain We all have sorrow But if we are wise We…

I want more Zui...

I wish she would come back to buzznet:(  
Zui Suicide by:mepic

Zui Suicide by:me

I love her!! :) I hope you like it.
bejus Apr 27, 2009

Step by step

I think my new Zui Suicide draw will be ready succesfully tomorrow. :) I'm so excited! :) This is the preview. xoxo Bejus
bejus Apr 26, 2009
sun in her eyespic
Zui Suicide :pic

Zui Suicide :)

by: Corrupt Image Data
bejus Mar 18, 2009
Zui :pic
Zui Suicidepic

Zui Suicide

Latex Belt by:Collective Chaos Design Image by: Corrupt Image Data
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bejus Mar 14, 2009