Florida Lake Talquin Fishing Reviews

Spring Lake is a charming little village positioned in Ottawa County in the vicinity of Lake Michigan and providing a assortment of homes to pick…
parkjoseph3 Nov 30, 2014
Little Traverse Baypic

Little Traverse Bay

This was the view from the parking ramp at McClaren Northern Michigan Hospital on Monday in Petoskey!  I loved that I could see the white…
CANDLE Oct 09, 2013

Summer Buzzin Month

Summer in Michigan is all about the water!  We are surrounded by the beautiful  Great Lakes! It is such a privilege to live here! We…
CANDLE Jul 15, 2013
The Meaning of Lifepic

The Meaning of Life

That is all I need to say about this photo! (: Today was great!!!  I drove Kay up to work this morning!  It was a very…
CANDLE Jul 03, 2013
Due Eastpic

Due East

At Bay Front Park looking out on the Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan, it is hard to tell what direction you are facing!  It…
CANDLE Jan 15, 2013
Bay Front Parkpic

Bay Front Park

On Saturday we decided to venture down to Petoskey! Trevor needed to get a few things for school, and it was a sunny day so…
CANDLE Jan 14, 2013
Let me be a blue raft on the blue sea, I'll blend right in.pic

"Let me be a blue raft on the blue sea, I'll blend right in."

Took this a week ago when Erica and I went down to visit Randy. We went to Toys R Us and the mall, and then…
Rhianna Jul 21, 2012
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100 0541pic

100 0541

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Goose Girl
Goose Girl Jul 05, 2012
Winter Sun Over Sturgeon Baypic

Winter Sun Over Sturgeon Bay

I took this a few weeks ago!  It has been quite a mild winter so much of the ice is now melted along the beach! …
CANDLE Feb 22, 2012
Old Mackinac Point Lighthousepic

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

"In 1889 Congress appropriated funds for construction of a steam powered fog signal here. It went into operation November 5, 1890. Construction of the light…
CANDLE Sep 02, 2011
Discovery Worldpic

Discovery World

Adam and I took Dylan and Mason to Discovery World today, this is on the deck overlooking Lake Michigan. It was pretty fun. After, I…
Rhianna Jul 31, 2010
Sturgeon Baypic

Sturgeon Bay

Bliss, Michigan
CANDLE Jul 20, 2010
Lake Michiganpic
Goose Girl
Goose Girl Jul 15, 2010
Beach Bumspic

Beach Bums

The kids had a great time at Sturgeon Bay last weekend! The sun and wind were so warm, but the water was so cold! Lake…
CANDLE Jul 07, 2010