HOT or NOT? Lady Gaga Gets HUGE Monster Claw Tattoo

WOW, Lady Gaga got a HUGE new tattoo. 

She shared the process on her Instagram captioning, “Monster4Life”. The tat is a “monster claw” symbolizing…

Excuse Me Lady Gaga, What Are You Wearing?

OKAY, I’m sorry but I need some clarification on what exactly Lady Gaga was thinking when she stepped out on Thursday. The 28-year-old singer took it back to the 80’s rocking a Cher inspired wig…

Did Lady Gaga Throw Shade At Katy Perry?

Ew. Lady Gaga may have thrown some shade at Katy Perry and her Prismatic Tour via Twitter last night. Gaga tweeted:


Katy’s tour kicked off Wednesday…

This Week In Weirdness: WTF Is Lady Gaga Wearing

*Update 3/30/2014 Last night Gaga stepped out wearing this GIANT purple flowered headdress…someone explain! We all know Gaga is all about being different, unique, and expressing yourself, etc. If you ask me I think her fashion is getting weirder and weirder by the day. When I saw what she wore to the Roseland Theater in… More »

The Voice: Paramore, Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera

Last night, my world’s collided. This doesn’t happen too often but it did and I am still reeling. Last night’s season finale had performances by Paramore and a duet from Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera

Lady Gaga Turns Back Time In Cher Style Jumpsuit At Airport

Lady Gaga loves a thong because #yolo. Still feeling saucy from her sweet opening performance at the VMAs on Sunday she left NYC for the airport in…

Tina’s Recap of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

I honestly don’t think any other award show gets as much buzz than the MTV Video Music Awards. Not even The Grammys. I…

Lady Gaga’s MTV VMA Arrival Looks 2009 – 2011

This Sunday Lady Gaga will perform her new single, “Applause” on the MTV VMAs! Gaga is known for her theatrical performances and her love of fashion. Let’s take a look her VMA looks from the past. Wonder what she will wear this year! More for you : ) Katy Perry’s MTV VMA Arrival Looks 2008-2012… More »

Is Lady Gaga The Modern Day Sailor Moon?

Today is Moon Day incase you didn’t know…my guess is you didn’t SO Happy Moon Day!

I am a big fan of the moon but also was a big fan of SAILOR MOON! I was looking…

Lady Gaga Announces New Album ‘ARTPOP’

Lady Gaga is ready for her Little Monsters to get an inside look at her creative process. While I have never been a huge Gaga fan, I can appreciate that she has an…

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