IMG 4634pic

IMG 4634

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dora May 14, 2012
I dig holespic

I dig holes

No srsly, I love to dig holes. With my bare hands. :]
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cocoakins Apr 17, 2010

30 Seconds To Mars on showcasing This Is War at a London gig

30 Seconds To Mars finally get set to release This Is War - Jared & Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic talk about the upcomng showcase…
30stm Nov 13, 2009

comment my default plz

ermmm I've been to Koko's in London on friday...was pretty amazing!I was waaay too drunk after we had two bottles of champagne (and some cider…
crowmance Nov 18, 2008
MCR live at KOKOvid
International MCR Dayvid

International MCR Day

My sister and I went to Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles last night. It's the church where Helena was filmed. And here we are…
queennekoyasha Jul 31, 2007
Me singing Disenchantedvid

Me singing Disenchanted

I think I sound terrible, but whatever. Background music by mk13Rain on YouTube. As made famous by My Chemical Romance.
queennekoyasha Jul 30, 2007
The Blackout Koko 17.02.07pic
My Chemical Romance KOKO!vid

My Chemical Romance @ KOKO!

heres a vid of pics from KOKO in camden when MCR were doing an exclusive gig presented by radio1 and zane lowe! IWAS THERE! YAY!…
rachlovesgee Apr 26, 2007
Annie Mac behind the scenes at the MCR gig at KOKO.vid

Annie Mac behind the scenes at the MCR gig at KOKO.

Annie Mac at KOKO Camden, she interviews Worm!!!


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darkophelia Apr 04, 2007

april 2nd at koko - things that happened summed up

april 2nd at koko imk writing this list because radio1 havent shown the whole show on the tv and they missed bits out a list…
kimbleweed Apr 04, 2007

MCR @ koko 2nd April 2007!! FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!

it was the best day of my life!! i got there with rachel at about 4 to meet my friend jade who had been queuing…
kimbleweed Apr 03, 2007
MCR at KOKO Camden 020407pic

My Chemical Romance at KOKO in Camden on monday 2nd april!!

ok here goes, i'm now going to tell you the best night of my WHOLE FUCKING LIFE!!!..... Let's start off by saying KIM YOU ARE TRULY…
rachlovesgee Apr 03, 2007