harlequins enigma release octagon volume 1 - phase 7, finally!

octagon volume 1 (phase 7), released today 17.04.2011. genre: new age/electronica/alternative rock after a long wait, octagon v1 is finally here. fresh in our stores now. availability: guest…
harlequins enigma
harlequins enigma Apr 17, 2011

harlequins enigma f. king diamond & sara jensen, preview release of phase 7 - 64kbit

this is a preview track from our upcoming octagon volume 1 debut cd collection it it recorded in 64kbit quality & i hope you like it…
harlequins enigma
harlequins enigma Nov 26, 2010
King Diamond - Give Me Your Soulvid

King Diamond - "Give Me Your Soul"

from the album Give Me Your Soul... Please (Metal Blade Records, 2007)
kingdiamond Sep 01, 2008

TRISH VICIOUS: 5 Most Obnoxious 'Costume Bands...'

and by obnoxious i mean fucking awesome! Some bands are all about costumes and not just to portray a certain image, some even incorporate it into their live…


King Diamond
melomano Jul 11, 2007