Kesha's Cover of Free Fallin' at Petty Fest!vid

Kesha's Cover of "Free Fallin'" at Petty Fest!

Kesha had her first performance since rehab a couple of nights ago, she did a great amazing cover of Tom Petty's Free Fallin' at Petty…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Apr 09, 2014


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Amanda Zink
Amanda Zink Mar 07, 2014

Ke$ha Leaves Rehab: Drops Dollar $ign And Plays In The Sand

Ke$ha has left the rehab facility she checked into about 2 months ago and is feeling “blessed”. The 27-year-old singer left rehab Thursday night and posted…

How To Deal With Overly Opinionated Music Lovers

Music is one of the worlds oldest and most universal of languages so it's no shock as to why people would want to surround themselves…

What is the best concert outfit?

Who do you think has the best tour outfit?
reallygreg Feb 21, 2014
Keha Only Remix of Timbervid

Ke$ha Only Remix of "Timber"

Hey guys so I ran across a "remix" of Timber today! It was called the "Kesha Only" version so I gave it a listen. Technically…

Bully Finally Apologies after Proposal Video!

Coursty of  You guys need to see this. This heart warming and everything else.  Tell me what you guys think of this! Please tell me you…
reallygreg Feb 09, 2014
1 Hit Timber Gets a 1950's Remake!vid

#1 Hit Timber Gets a 1950's Remake!

Hey Buzznet! So I have some unfortunate news invovling the lovely Kesha who entered rehab for an eating disorder last month. She has canceled a…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Feb 06, 2014

Kesha Goes To Rehab for Eating Disorder!

I am shocked but most definitely proud of Kesha for checking herself into rehab yesterday for an eating disorder! She says she's going to stay…

The First Song I Heard In 2014 Was......

I make a point to always remember the first song that I heard or listened to in the new hours of the New Year. It…

My Top 10 Most Listened To Albums of 2013!

Well, its time to add to the many 2013 roundups I've been seeing here on Buzznet. Starting off, I must say that this year has…
Chloe Skowron
Chloe Skowron Dec 28, 2013

Ke$ha Announces New Album Title: Fearless

I have been so obsessed with Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life and have been watching every episode all week long. Which is great because not…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Dec 20, 2013

Ke$ha Releases New Music via Instagram!

Reblogged from Rose Pendleton Kesha announced that she's been working on her new album which is about a boy who treated her very badly in their…
myrealnameislove Dec 12, 2013 Originally by rosependleton

Bad Bitch Playlist

Use this playlist for when you need a boost of confidence, something fun to dance to, or just need to drown out the world in…
itsallisonbtch Dec 11, 2013

Ke$ha Releases New Music via Instagram!

Kesha announced that she's been working on her new album which is about a boy who treated her very badly in their last relationship. She…