HOT or NOT? Keshas Debuts New Hair Color and Tattoo at LAX

I AM OBSESSED. Proving once again that blue is the hair color of the summer, Kesha hopped off the plane at LAX with some amazing baby…

Top Songs Of 2014 So Far

2014 is half way over. So we have some major songs that already topped the charts for and some that just hit charts this summer…
reallygreg Jul 16, 2014

Rainy Day Playlist!

So there is this huge hurricane going on right now and i have this rainy day playlist which is really helping me get through this…
reallygreg Jul 03, 2014
Kesha Looks Crazy Good In Teen Voguepic

Say What?! The Earl Grey Releases A Monster Mashup

No, it's not a new kind of tea, but it is still awesome. After being off for a while, not playing any shows, and helping out…
EdIsAGenius Jun 22, 2014

Kesha: 'I'm Very Happy With My Beard'

You might be a little confused by our headline, but keep reading. We promise it will all make sense and it has nothing to do…

Kesha's Sheer Lace Dress: Hot Or Not?

Kesha stepped out looking all dressed up... or was she? Kesha attended The Life Ball and wearing a elegant, yet revealing dress. You could see…

Hot Or Not? Kesha Goes Glam In Gorg Gown And Rocks Baby Pink Hair

You guys, I’m obsessed with how amaze Kesha is looking lately! She left rehab about two months ago and she appears to be healthy, glowing…
Callina Marie
Callina Marie May 18, 2014

Summer Drives Playlist

I've compiled some songs that I'm really into right now that are a lot of fun to listen to while you're driving in a car…
itsallisonbtch May 14, 2014

Kesha's New BF: Hot Or Not?

Hey guys! So the beautiful and talented Kesha was seen with a new guy in Santa Monica yesterday! If you watch her TV show "My…
Kesha's Cover of Free Fallin' at Petty Fest!vid

Kesha's Cover of "Free Fallin'" at Petty Fest!

Kesha had her first performance since rehab a couple of nights ago, she did a great amazing cover of Tom Petty's Free Fallin' at Petty…
Rose Pendleton
Rose Pendleton Apr 09, 2014


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Amanda Zink
Amanda Zink Mar 07, 2014

Ke$ha Leaves Rehab: Drops Dollar $ign And Plays In The Sand

Ke$ha has left the rehab facility she checked into about 2 months ago and is feeling “blessed”. The 27-year-old singer left rehab Thursday night and posted…

How To Deal With Overly Opinionated Music Lovers

Music is one of the worlds oldest and most universal of languages so it's no shock as to why people would want to surround themselves…

What is the best concert outfit?

Who do you think has the best tour outfit?
reallygreg Feb 21, 2014