Say What?! The Earl Grey Releases A Monster Mashup

No, it's not a new kind of tea, but it is still awesome. After being off for a while, not playing any shows, and helping out…
EdIsAGenius Jun 22, 2014

Hot or Not? Ke$ha's Makeshift Mohawk

Reblogged from yasi I guess this is kind of a rhetorical question. Discuss.  
sabagkoral May 31, 2014 Originally by yasfx

Summer Drives Playlist

I've compiled some songs that I'm really into right now that are a lot of fun to listen to while you're driving in a car…
itsallisonbtch May 14, 2014

Monday Memos: I Heart Music Awards Recap Part 1

nbsp;      Hey people of the internet!!! How is your Monday...I know everyone loves  Monday!!! (you may now sarcastically laugh...ok that's enough). On today's 'Monday Memos'…
celindareyes May 07, 2014


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