The Love of A Brother 10/10 COMPLETE

Title: The Love of A Brother 10/10 Author: Billxbesitztxmeinxherz Pairing: Bill/Tom; Bill/OFC Warning: Just read and enjoy! Rating: NC-17 Summary: Bill and Tom are half brothers, both sons to the…
Teagan Dec 23, 2008

Passion: That Fine Line 1/?

Title: Passion: That Fine Line 1/? Author: Billxbesitztxmeinxherz Pairing: Bill/Tom; Billshido (hinted) Warning: Rough sex, rape, stalkers Rating: NC-17 Passion: that fine line between love and obsession. And right now…
Teagan Oct 23, 2008

Perfect to Me

Twincest poem, make of it what you will…….     Clothes lift, Lights dim. Bodies fall upon cashmere sheets. Lips crash against each other, Like ocean waves against shale cliffs. Passions burn, white…

Bad Connection

Twincest poem I wrote from Bill’s point of view. Really don’t know why I wrote it, I just kinda felt like it. Anyway read and…

The Ending Of As Yet Untitled(it wouldn't let me post it all in one journal)

After party   The after party was a buzz of congratulations and post VMA excitement.   But it was not where I wanted to be. The only person I…
Disney Stars Suck
Disney Stars Suck Sep 17, 2008

As Yet Untitled

The emotional aspect of twincest, so there is no petty sexual smut. It’s very abstract, and influenced by a lot of literary and musical aspects…
Disney Stars Suck
Disney Stars Suck Sep 17, 2008