i painted this tonight!
justinexxx Aug 08, 2009
it's been a whilepic
ma dawgpic

ma dawg

this is cosmo his birthday is tomorrow! happy birthday cosmo! he'll be terrible two
justinexxx Apr 09, 2009
steak n shake forever :Dpic

steak n shake forever :D

yup. got this car there. so excited
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justinexxx Mar 29, 2009
i haven't posted a new photo in foreverpic

i haven't posted a new photo in forever

this is my dress for a masquerade ball. i've since altered it. changed the straps, added some sequins. p.s. that is a bag of bread…
justinexxx Mar 28, 2009
U is for Universepic

U is for Universe

this one is late too :( no more. i promise that's my friend JShack over there :) being vanna white yup, i love the universe. those are my…
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justinexxx Mar 12, 2009
S is for Spearspic

S is for Spears

and tardy... which doesn't start with S so i totally failed at life and forgot to upload yesterday :) which sucks butt and i'm sorry. s is for…
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justinexxx Mar 10, 2009
R is for Raquel Reedpic

R is for Raquel Reed

up until about a year ago i was so stupid i thought i had to be what everyone else wanted me to be. to be happy i found…
justinexxx Mar 08, 2009
Q is for Quotationspic

Q is for Quotations

these aren't the quotes I wanted to take a picture of but they'll do "i feel the same about disco as i do about herpes" and the second…
justinexxx Mar 07, 2009
P is for Potato Chipspic

P is for Potato Chips

P was supposed to be for Plunket but I forgot my shirt. SO... i love potato chips i happen to have potato chips so p is for potato chips
justinexxx Mar 06, 2009
O is for Ohiopic

O is for Ohio

Today is my sister vicki's birthday she lives in ohio with her husband brian i miss them
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justinexxx Mar 05, 2009
N is for Not Inspiredpic

N is for Not Inspired

not today.... it was supposed to be "new roommate" but she's been switched to Z and i'm not in the mood to come up with a new N.....
justinexxx Mar 04, 2009
adam and ipic

adam and i

yup. saw this on someone's myspace :)
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justinexxx Mar 03, 2009
L is for Loverpic

L is for Lover

he is mine do you have one?
justinexxx Mar 02, 2009
K is for Kissespic

K is for Kisses

yup. this is my boy and i we look like puffer fish. heehee. i saw him this weekend and i'll see him for the next TWO weekends in a row
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justinexxx Mar 01, 2009