Top 4 Music Videos Of 2013 You Haven't Seen

Reblogged from joeythunder More than halfway through 2013, hundreds and hundreds of artists have released their singles thus far within the year, which in turn means…
eliransh Jul 17, 2013
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Joey Thunder's Thoughts On The Spider Man 2 Movie

Reblogged from joeythunder It's basically general knowledge at this point to know that I am a super nerd when it comes to Marvel & DC. I'm…
AngiePangie Feb 27, 2013
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Joey Thunder's 2013 Grammy Recap

Reblogged from joeythunder Taylor Swift opens the show with a very Disneyland+circus theme which is different yet same ol' show to expect, none the less solid…
CASTINGHUB Feb 12, 2013
Statement Making Socks You Can Wear!pic
Statement Making Socks You Can Wear!pic
Statement Making Socks You Can Wear!pic
Rockin' Your Sockspic

Rockin' Your Socks

Confession: I do not only love socks, I have a quirk or maybe a fetisch. :D No wonder I love this post and these socks! Check…
lucysky Feb 06, 2013

5 Things Joey Thunder Is Thankful For This Year

Reblogged from joeythunder Happy Thanksgiving eve pre-week! A certain time of year to reflect what is really important to one's-self and be grateful for everything he/she…
michaeladuhh Nov 15, 2012

MTV Wants You To Guess The Theme Of The Cab's Endlessly Video

Reblogged from joeythunder Less than one week till The Cab's Endlessly video is released! If you haven't heard the song feel free to check out the…
michaeladuhh Nov 10, 2012

Give Back To The Community And "Wear Your Music"!

This is pretty awesome!  I checked out this website, and I honestly can't wait to order my bracelet.  Great cause, and totally worth your…
elmcneill Nov 07, 2012

Joey Thunder's Tour Update From Manila!

Reblogged from joeythunder This tour has been the most amazing, exhausting and mentally-difficult tour. It's been nice to take a week break from the M5 tour…
shinkaulitz Sep 25, 2012

Welcome Joey Thunder To The Buzznet Family!

Reblogged from joeythunder Hello my dear readers of the Buzznet world!  I have cased up my bass, sheethed the comic books and capped my pens for one…
haileex3 Jun 15, 2012