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8eternalverses8 Aug 26, 2015
Pearl Jewelry by MaVievid

Pearl Jewelry by MaVie

Elevate your fashion and style with elegant and timeless pearl jewelry by MaVie (French: My Life). For more information visit Gifts Ready To Go and…
Renee K
Renee K Aug 12, 2015

Beautiful gemstone, elegant women

Coco Chanel said that the woman who don’t smoke has no past, the woman who don’t like jewelry has no future. Shakespeare said: "Jewelry is…
nicolewei Jul 28, 2015

Matrimony Jewelry – Latest Trend Symbolizing Pure Love

If you are one of those couple who are looking for a trendy wedding, you have definitely made the right click today. We will be…
Eva Elkin
Eva Elkin Jul 27, 2015

Bzzz! Save the Bees With Cool Rings & Things from E. Shaw Jewels

You've heard it in the news; bees are disappearing. A  recent Harvard study found that certain insecticides like neonicotinoids are causing colony collapse. We need bees! E. Shaw Jewels knows…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach Jul 22, 2015
Shree Dhan Laxmi Yantra: Dhan laxmi yantrapic

Shree Dhan Laxmi Yantra: Dhan laxmi yantra

Dhan laxmi is a plate made of metal foils in which the mantras of Goddess Mahalaxmi are encrypted to chant during the daily Pooja routine…
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asianmart Jul 06, 2015

FAVORITE RUN INSPIRATIONAL JEWELRIES FOR RUNNERS FAVORITE RUN INSPIRATIONAL JEWELRIES FOR RUNNERS Favorite Run Shop offers unique, handcrafted, inspirational running jewelry and running gifts for runners and runners in your life. WEAR…
mickelvettore Jun 24, 2015


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xnykkiknivesx Jun 15, 2015

How To Position Your So Many Earrings

Classic and chic, those are generally the preferred design associated with earring for any large quantity of women over the globe. Tahitian Pearls - they're…
hulkingdrink7766 Jun 08, 2015

Large Stone Ring Mountings

Jennifer Dawes will be famous on her diamond wedding ring function - but in addition for many types of wedding bands along with or perhaps…
heavyelection9527 May 23, 2015

Say Hello To Consider The Wldflwrs

Where simplicity meets playfulness, and sophistication meets whim, you’ll find Consider The Wldflwrs. Based in Nashville, TN, this dreamy jewelry brand offers some of the most unique…
Mindy White
Mindy White May 13, 2015

True Definition of Trendy Jewellery

A trend is generally something that is popular or hit in a certain time and tends to change accordingly. It can also be said as…
goldnstone May 04, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Accessories Council's #ACTopPicks for Mother's Day

The day of celebrating mothers is getting closer and closer. Mother's Day is now less than two weeks away and it's really time to think…
Glasgow Skinner
Glasgow Skinner May 02, 2015