Sean Kingston Was Near Death After Jet Ski Accident!

Wow, who knew it got that serious! Sean Kingston opened up with MTV about his jet ski accident in Miami that happened back in May…
NoeliaT Aug 03, 2011
Sea World 01pic

Sea World 01

Taken: 04/19/09
lainie Apr 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I just got home from the beach!! I had so much fun!! It was very relaxing!! It felt os great to get away!!  I ate…
shannonmichael Aug 03, 2008


its the only way i can describe anything lately. one big blur. emotions life events. blur blur blur. i feel drained. but restless. and confused. nothing makes…
emmaeclipse Mar 09, 2008
Waiting for summer...pic

Waiting for summer...

Looks like our neighbor will be waiting for a few months before he can use his water toy again... First snow of the winter…
Surf Slam 07 b 593pic
Miss Murderpic
16kate Sep 16, 2006
The Interviewpic

The Interview

As I exhale I breathe in the water underground.
beany Jun 26, 2006
Now that's a wave!vid

Now that's a wave!

Global warming?
tony May 25, 2006
A yacht, a traditional wooden dhow, and a jetski in the Arabian Gulfpic
my fatherpic

my father

My father, the man I take my real name from, was paralyzed from waist down about 15 years ago. Amazingly, at least to me, this…
vividlyplain Jan 30, 2006
The Lakepic

The Lake

Got out the wetsuits; can't wait for summer!!
lifeisgood Jan 22, 2006
greta kathypic
After a long day jetskiing in Kuwaitpic
JetSki Funpic

JetSki Fun

My son on his Cousins jetski on Christmas day
beady Dec 28, 2005