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It's been too long again.I'll begin from last Friday. After school, Jenna and I took the bus down to the Fashion Show mall. She was…
Nick Leonard
Nick Leonard Sep 25, 2008

I believe we know our way around Rainbow now.

A few weeks ago, August 22 I hungout with Jenna and Jourdan. Our plans were to visit the Swap Meet and possibly check out Buffalo…
Nick Leonard
Nick Leonard Sep 09, 2008

Sunday baby.

In the morning, my mom and I went heavy grocery shopping at Walmart.Came home. Rested. Ate lots of lunch. Then hungout with Jenna for a…
Nick Leonard
Nick Leonard Aug 17, 2008

Summer Sleepovers.

Last weekend or the weekend before Jenna had another sleepover at her cool, cute apartment. Myself, Jourdan, and Phobe went. Phobe was one of her…
Nick Leonard
Nick Leonard Aug 16, 2008