Would you wear a Roach Brooch?

I vaguely remember the 'Roach Brooch' being introduced in a CSI episode, I think it was New york- I'm unsure, where a restaurant owner got…

A Day With The Blowfish Queen and Mr. Gold

Although I would have rather used my dear friend just-so-happens-to-be-a-long-legged-gorgeous-model, Emma, she was in New York at the time. So, thesephotos not only reveal what…
BlowFishQueen Mar 27, 2011

Goody! Two Shoes and More Treasures to Seek

*****This blog post i warn you shant be short and sweet it is long and bitter; full of retail carnage, greed, and above all; fashion.***** This…
BlowFishQueen Mar 27, 2011
Designer Jared Gold R and modelpic

Fantasy & Obsession—Wonderland: A Roving Beast

Featuring Dirk Mai, Lenora Claire, Chubby Bunny & Yume Ninja of Bubble Punch, Katt Lee & Kaila Yu of Nylon Pink, burlesque bombshell Courtney Cruz…
clintcatalyst Feb 22, 2010
Deep Glamour Deathracevid
Oh Yes...The Most Srs of Bsns, This!pic

Oh Yes...The Most "Srs of Bsns," This!

Sporting "Flair" in the best of the worst sense of the word (and vice-versa)! Pictured here with Aldo Vento, as we rock my new co-branded merch…

Clint Catalyst & Jared Gold collaboration piece makes a bold statement!

I TOTALLY want one! Someone please buy me one for Christmas? You can find them here exclusively at the Jared Gold online store!  I think this pretty yet bold…
triciaevans Nov 30, 2009
Flyer forStill Image from Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarmanpic

Flyer for/Still Image from "Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman"

Filmmaker Matthew Mishory's latest release, in which both Buzznetier Aldo Vento and I appear... Screenings to date include the Reykjavik International Film Festival (Iceland), the seventeenth…

From "Twilight" To Lowbrow Art Legends, "90210" to L.A.'s "Nightlife Personalities"...Here It Is: The Blog That Nearly Killed Me

Not. Even. Joking. Two weeks out of town, one cracked rib/one broken, a "corrupt" WP library (still is, by the way--the barrage of photos posted are…
Would You Still 'Own' Me As A Friend After Seeing This Clip?vid

Would You Still 'Own' Me As A Friend After Seeing This Clip?

"No really, Dillinger -- we'll make a rad video and show your sculptures to the world!" Uh-huh. Yeah. Shot during down-time while filming Matthew Mishory's short, "Delphinium." (A…
So Many Photographers, One Great Evening:pic

*So* Many Photographers, One Great Evening:

Many, many more shots forthcoming... Apologies for the "Quick Post," but I've Only Got A Hot Second! Somehow I doubt I need tell you whom the pretty pink-haired…

Check this out! Chance to win a fashion vacation!

Visit Renegade Fashion Make sure you throw down your $10 donation to the AAF!  
blaringrooster Aug 04, 2009
More From Jared Gold's LA Fashion Showvid

More From Jared Gold's LA Fashion Show

I seem like i yelling and being crazy, I blame it on all my friends being there and working while trying to hang out! It…
Jared Gold's Gold VS. Petker Fashion Show -- 730 in Los Angelesvid

Jared Gold's "Gold VS. Petker" Fashion Show -- 7/30 in Los Angeles

Jared Gold's fashion show last night was amazing. Every who's anyone in LA fashion was there and everywhere you looked people were wearing these amazing…