I See Stars Have Something Exciting To Celebrate With You All!

Do we have any I See Stars fans out there? Well, either way we all have something to celebrate! Last year the band put out…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Dec 09, 2014

Youtube Evolution Of: Our Last Night

Happy FRIDAY! This week's evolution is on one of my personal favorite bands; Our Last Night. I went to High School in NH and grew up in…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jun 19, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Ghost Town

Meet Ghost Town, an electronic four-piece from Los Angeles, California. The band's blend of electronic and post-hardcore sounds are making them a staple in the…
clarefitz Apr 29, 2014

South By So What Announces Lineup

Am I the only person counting down till festival season? I love South By South West and hope to attend this year! SXSW is known…
gabbiebrown Jan 08, 2014
I See Stars Warped Tour Throwbackvid

I See Stars Warped Tour Throwback

Since I love throwbacks here's Devin Oliver from ISS at Warped tour in Milwaukee, WI
jacklynnn Sep 21, 2013
Throwback: What Do You Grab On A Walmart Run? Warped Edition!vid

Throwback: What Do You Grab On A Walmart Run? Warped Edition!

We chated with some of your Warped tour favorites to see what they would grab on a Walmart run and which two bands were to…
jacklynnn Aug 31, 2013
I See Stars 18pic

I See Stars (18)

I See Stars Van's Warped Tour Scranton, PA July 16th, 2013
25 pics
DaniRenee Jul 19, 2013
I See Stars Warped 13pic
brittverophoto Jul 15, 2013

I See Stars Warped Tour Webisodes!

Thanks to the wonderful Alternative Press Magazine I See Stars are doing road updates from Warped Tour. The first webisode can be seen here: The webisodes…
Kaitlyn Stylinski
Kaitlyn Stylinski Jul 03, 2013

Weekly Playlist #3: Warped Tour 2013 Edition

Hello, Buzznet! This is the first time in a week that I've gotten to be on this lovely, lovely website due to many things taking…
Emily Gage
Emily Gage Jun 20, 2013

I See Stars Release New Song 'Violent Bounce (People Like You)'

I See Stars have just released  their new song "Voilent Bounce (People Like You)" And let me tell you, this is a step up for…

Alternative Press' Vans Warped Tour Covers

As every year, Alternative Press are giving us awesome covers for the Vans Warped Tour issue. This year, two covers. One with Memphis May Fire's Matty Mullins, Buzzmaker Brian…
EdIsAGenius Jun 14, 2013

Hear It First: I See Stars Release New Acoustic Song

Hey Music Fans,  I have a song for you that I really think you will like. Some pals of mine from the band I See Stars…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee May 28, 2013
John Legendpic

John Legend

112 pics
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Feb 26, 2013

Which Band Are You Most Excited To See At Warped Tour 2013?

The first six bands of the lineup were just announced! Who are you most excited to see?
concertcrasher Dec 08, 2012