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Britney issues statement on sexual harassment suit

Britney Spears has slammed the shocking sexual harassment lawsuit filed against her Wednesday. The popstral’s former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, has made lurid claims against the singer, including that she repeatedly “exposed herself” to…

My top 5 – Cities I would visit or I would come back

This time, I wanna talk about the cities I would visit and I’ve always loved and about cities I’ve already visited but I would come back…

I’ve always loved travel, since I was really young, with…

I’m addicted to… – Week #4

Boots, Fruit Bubble Bath, Leopard Jacket, “What lies beneath” Tarja Turunen’s new album, leather bracalets,…

My top 5 – Female Solo Artist

This time, I wanna show you my top 5 female solo artist, women which inspired me in those years, which made me dance and sing, strong women with a fantastic voice, and I hope to…

Outfit of the day

Don’t look my room, it’s really messy!!! ha ha ha XD but i love my messy and I find everything… Tomorrow I woke up so late and I hadn’t time to make my bed or clean up my room, I went out with my mum (today is her b-day) and the time flies away so… More »

David Bowie Earrings

This morning I recieved an envelope from my friend Alice, inside there were those awesome David Bowie earrings. i simply love them!!!! so i can wear them with the tshirt i have with the same picture (“Aladdin Sane” cover album) and the brooch ** David Bowie is my myth since I was a child and… More »

I’m addicted to.. – Week #3

“CHARMED” season 7, “I’m not dead” Pink’s album, cupcakes, Two-tone cross&chain drop earrings designed by Britney Spears for…

Because we count

F**k enviouses u.u

Crazy girz X)

how kill the time ha ha ha we waited Antonella’s mum for cook the dinner, we were so hungry xp

Friendship never ends

Our friendship is so strong, noone can’t divide us, we are an only one!!! I’ve never had a friend like Antonella. She’s unique! If I have a problem, she is here for me. If I’m sad, she makes me smile. If I need of an embrace, she opens her arms to me. I love you… More »

Look into our eyes


We rock u.u



My top 5 – Stylists

I don’t know if everyone knows it, but in high school I went at an Arts’ Institute, and I studied fashion… Even though I am not a fashion victim, because I haven’t a lot of…

My song of the week – Week #2

I reflect myself a lot in this song, I think the words for Bill and me are: “You are the sun and I’m the moon” In your shadow (I can shine) – Tokio Hotel I hate my life I can’t Sit still for one more single day I’ve been here waiting for Something to live… More »

I’m addicted to… – Week #2

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Bill Kaulitz @ Barney’s – NY (26th August 2010)

Making the most of his Thursday afternoon (August 26) Bill Kaulitz was spotted shopping in Los Angeles yesterday. The Tokio Hotel singer opted for some retail therapy at the Fred Segal store in Hollywood and was personally escorted by a member of their staff.

We are, we are… Radio Hysteria XD

more crazy pics soon




Happy B-Day Doll!!! 08/24/2010

Antonella’s b-day. We were together, again!!! We had a lot of fun!!!!

Here it’s where she will celebrate her b-day with parents on Sunday

Her brother helps me…

Forever Together 08/24/2010

Antonella&Irene Forever Best Friends I love you my fairy