Hey Guys :pic

Hey Guys :)

So I feel SO BAD! I haven't been on here in forever (kinda forgot to get on) and I have so many request to buzz…

june 23, 2010

omg wow well school just got done for me yesterday. finally summer vacation!! i really miss this site. pretty much all the friends i had…
Itz Sabbi
Itz Sabbi Jun 23, 2010

Daily Lyrics.

I'll do the uplifting message in the morning before I go to Drivers Ed. Gosh, you guys, I've been crying multiple times tonight. I found…
Iambatman‚ô• Jun 21, 2010

Sooo. . . . . A little bit of information.

You guys may have noticed that my optimism has been fading away a bit, and, if not, I'll just tell you that it is, but…
I love those who i never see .... I miss you guys somtimes . ya'know there are things events i whish i could share with you guys face to face :pic

insert bad imitation of guitar here

Okay, like I promised, here's my day. Please try your best to ignore my TERRIBLE grammar throughout this:I woke up, blahblahblah, went to my friends…


Okay so my names Nickie and I absolutely LOVE FROM FIRST TO LAST!!!! The last song I listened to was Shame, Shame and I was…
luvpete123 Mar 04, 2007