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Trend?!: Blue Tongue Paint

Yes.  Upon opening my Facebook this morning, I was greeted with this picture posted by a make-up company who I adore- Barry. M.  They were 'announcing' a…
2012 Stage Diving Photoshoot by Marc Baptiste 10.02.2012pic
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2010 L'Uomo Vogue Photoshoot by Pierpaolo Ferrari 17.07.2010 Tompic
2009 MTV Photoshoot by Michael Greenberg 19.10.2009 Billpic
2008 New York Photoshoot by Anthony Cutajar 19.02.2008 Gustav 2pic
2007 POPCORN Photoshoot, Berlin by Matthias Nordiek 17.01.2007 Georg 2pic
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FAN ACTION: #VEVOCertified Britney Spears’ Circus, HIAM & Baby One More Time Music Videos

Ok guys, I really need your help. Our Queen Britney already got three VEVO certifications for her music videos and they are: I Wanna Go Till The World…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jan 17, 2014
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Jessica Alba: Britney Is A Pop Iconpic

Jessica Alba: Britney Is A Pop Icon

Jessica Alba is a Britney stan. Look at this incredible Instagram she posted! #popicon #britneyspears #pca2014   Flawless.   Source: breatheheavy.com
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jan 15, 2014
Happy Birthday White Duke: 50 Years Of Successes With David Bowiepic