Hump day Hottie: Jake Gyllenhaal

I saw 'Prisoners' last night (the film not actual convicts- LOL) and I must say aswell as being gripped to the two and a half…
Haleigh's Hump Day Hottie!pic

Haleigh's Hump Day Hottie!

Chris Evans!
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Haleigh Rice
Haleigh Rice May 01, 2013
Haleigh's Hump Day Hottiepic
Haleigh's Hump Day Hottie: Paul Wesley!pic

Mature Man Crush: Christoph Waltz

I recently saw Django Unchained. Twice in Two weeks. Never before have I loved a film so much and I eagerly await its release on…
Hump Day Hottie: Beau Mirchoffpic

Hump Day Hottie: Beau Mirchoff

Beau looks great with clothes on, but on the occasion we see him shirtless, we go bananas! How amazing is his bod?! 
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Patty Jan 16, 2013
Hump Day Hottie: Skylar Astinpic

Hump Day Hottie: Skylar Astin

His life might be one red carpet event or another with his rising fame, but Skylar is totally just the guy next door... a very…
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Patty Jan 09, 2013
Hump Day Hottie: Jason Segelpic

Hump Day Hottie: Jason Segel

While he's often seen unshaven and dressed casually, when Jason cleans up, he looks even hunkier!
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Patty Jan 02, 2013
BUZZNET's Hump Day Hottie Of 2012: Ryan Goslingpic
Hump Day Hottie: Sam Palladiopic

Hump Day Hottie: Sam Palladio

Sam's tousled hair flows with the wind and TOTALLY has us swooning!
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Patty Dec 19, 2012
Hump Day Hottie: Dave Francopic

Hump Day Hottie: Dave Franco

Those soulful eyes of his always have a gleam in them... whether it's a gleam of mischief or something more! 
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Patty Dec 12, 2012
Hump Day Hottie: Matthew Gray Gublerpic

Hump Day Hottie: Matthew Gray Gubler

Admit it: he's probably one of the top reasons you even know what the show Criminal Minds is and we don't blame you - Matthew…
ЯRebecca Dec 05, 2012 Originally by pattygopez
Currently crush: Jack Harriespic

Currently crush: Jack Harries

Jacksgap on youtube, aka Jack Harries...aka Finn Harries' twin brother currently crush. I'm gonna marry you one day... If you visit my tumblr ( go…
quietriot Nov 29, 2012
Hump Day Hottie: Joe Jonaspic

Hump Day Hottie: Joe Jonas

Middle Jonas Bros brother Joe Jonas was always known as the middle bro with the long hair. But since Joe got his hair cut, he's…
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Patty Nov 28, 2012
Hump Day Hottie: Zac Efronpic

Hump Day Hottie: Zac Efron

He's come a long way since his High School Musical days and one thing's for sure: Zac Efron has grown up to become a full-blown…
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quietriot Nov 21, 2012 Originally by pattygopez