Hi from india

what band is hot at the moment in the us? anybody here using mobiluck.com? it's great to chat on mobile with other cool people. Luv.
jm2i123 Feb 14, 2008

Anna Kournikova: Lonely Heart Heart Throb

After five years of smooth relationship sailing, Russian tennis ex Anna Kournikova and her romantic other half, Spanish crooner Enrique Iglesias, have hit the rocks. …
poxline May 29, 2007

Jessica Alba: Do Cops Target Her for Being Pretty?

XXX superstar Paris Hilton claims that traffic cops only pull her over because they want to be near her hotness. Has the same curse befalled…
poxline May 23, 2007

Jessica Alba: Cop Target

Prior to being sentenced to jail for wanton disregard for the laws of decency, XXX-DVD superstar Paris Hilton complained that she was only being arrested…
poxline May 23, 2007

Posh Spice: Cloned From Barbie Doll?

Any curious girls or boys who ever undressed a Barbie doll couldn't help but notice that the doll's chest is not anatomically correct to the rest…
poxline May 21, 2007

Mary-Kate Olsen: Too Thin? Or Healthy Skeleton?

The keen-eyed Hollywood Tuna surveillance tool has spied a side of Mary-Kate Olsen that only her mortician was meant to see. Washboard abs are one…
poxline May 15, 2007

Name That Rump: Fergie? J-Lo? Alba?

The keen-eyed Hollywood Tuna survelliance tool is always on the scope for two things, or maybe three or four things, depending upon how the items…
poxline May 14, 2007

The Fergie Workout: Mattress Not Included

Being the lead singer for Black Eyed Peas is the kind of high-energy endeavor that leaves a woman toned and tight.  But how does a…
poxline May 10, 2007

Carmen Electra Reads With Her Mouth Open

It is difficult to think back and remember what the hell Carmen Electra ever did to become famous in the first place.  Every high school…
poxline May 09, 2007

Jessica Simpson: Whose Face Is It?

As usual, faded MTV reality bride Jessica Simpson's cleavage is instantly recognizable, captured fresh upon today's Hollywood Tuna.But where did Jessica buy the alterations on…
poxline May 08, 2007

Lindsay Lohan: Powder Room Coke Scandal!

Going pee is one of the most underrated pleasures available to a human being, but nobody gets as happy sitting on a toilet as the…
poxline May 07, 2007