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HIM will make part of the Jurassic Rock Festival 2014 (8 and 9 th August)

Infos : https://www.facebook.com/himonlineorg#!/jurassicrockfestival
tatianaf Mar 22, 2014

"Metal Has Everything for Me" - Ville Valo An Interview for Metal Obsession (09.03.2014)

HIM has been enthralling and enchanting fans for the last 23 years. The Finnish love metal band recently released their eighth studio album Tears on…
tatianaf Mar 20, 2014

Ylex Finland Review (09.07.2013)

Ville Valo, lead singer of the band HIM, talked with YleX in Ruisrock music festival.     Ville Valo says that the setlist of the concert is…
tatianaf Mar 11, 2014

Ville Valo Interview at Soundcloud.com by Paul Browny (March 2014)

  Please Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/brownypaul/ville-valo-from-him-interview
tatianaf Mar 10, 2014

VILLE VALO - Drawing on canvas: natural flax : 20 x 30 cm © All rights reserved/ By SweetMoon

Drawing on Sale the address to the address: sweetposti@gmail.com (SweetMoon)
SweetMoon Mar 07, 2014

HIM Live at Metro Theatre - Sydney by Push To Fire (25.02.2014)

  By Meghan Player There is a reason that Soundwave is the most exciting time of the year in Australia. With so many international acts hitting our…
tatianaf Mar 03, 2014

Ville Valo Interview at Katsomo (07.07.2013)

  First, the interviewer asks him what kind of feelings he has about throwing festival gigs in Finland. Ville praises the weather and says that gig…
tatianaf Mar 02, 2014

HIM - Heavy Metal - Love By Loud Magazine (10.02.2014)

English Version : http://www.loudmag.com.au/content/h-i-m-heavy-metal-love Portuguese Version: A banda  H.I.M., é considerada o expoente máxino do Love Metal têm enfrentado um período difícil desde as suas últimas aparições…
tatianaf Feb 26, 2014

Blabbermouth.net News Tears On Tape sold Out 20 000 copies in U.S.A. placed the album on The Billboard 200 Chart at Nº 15! (14.06.2013)

  Vocalist Ville Valo of Finnish "love" metallers HIM was interviewed prior to his band's appearance at this year's Download festival, set to take place June…
tatianaf Feb 16, 2014

Tears On Tape from german Wiskey - Soda.de

  HIM -A deadly love of a lifetime     Nearly two decades ago, a young Finnish band sold its soul to the devil and in his honor took…
tatianaf Feb 13, 2014

SpotLight Interviews Ville Valo (28.01.2014)

Source & English Version:http://www.spotlightreport.net/on-the-spot-2/interview-ville-valo-h-i-m Portuguese Version:   Graças ao Festival  Soundwave, tivemos a oportunidade de conversar com o compositor e vocalista Ville Valo da banda  HIM (His Infernal…
tatianaf Feb 11, 2014

HIM Official Merchandise at Dark Vission Entertainment

HIM - Mercancía Oficial (16 fotos)   All Infos Here:   https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10152212891462533.1073741846.378860182532&type=1
tatianaf Jan 21, 2014

Ville Valo Interview at The Voice (April 2013)

Ville Valo (HIM) Interview @ The Voice 04.2013   Part 1 : HIM’s album called Tears on Tape was released 26.4. The band has told that the…
tatianaf Jan 21, 2014