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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: My Top 10 Most Shockingly (Amazing) Celebrity Haircuts

When wanting to do something drastic with our hair, most of us look to celebrities for inspiration or ideas, then you talk yourself into it…
ashliredden Jan 23, 2014

Get Anna Gunn + Hayden Panettiere’s Golden Globes Look for Less

Get red carpet ready in gown that costs much less than Anna Gunn’s or Hayden Panettiere’s! -PJ Gach   We can’t stop talking about the gowns at the…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach Jan 16, 2014
Hayden Panettieres Engagement Ring?pic

Hayden Panettiere’s Engagement Ring?

Hayden Panettiere’s Engagement Ring?
HollywoodBuzz Aug 15, 2013
My Best Days Are Not Behind Me.pic

My Best Days Are Not Behind Me.

They're in front of me. - Juliette Barnes, Nashville
Taara Lynn
Taara Lynn Apr 15, 2013
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Taara Lynn
Taara Lynn Mar 13, 2013 Originally by caitlinobrien
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Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Mar 12, 2013

'Nashville' Recap: There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

Check out last week's recap HERE!  As much as I don't like the title, ugh why must you try to remind me of Taylor Swift?…
pishelle Feb 14, 2013

'Nashville' Recap: I've Been Down That Road Before

Oh Buzzloves, you have no idea how upset I was that there was no Nashville last week.  I mean, it's my show. I was like…
pishelle Feb 07, 2013

'Nashville' Recap: You Win Again

Since I am a complete TV addict, be prepared for many TV reviews to come!  I have been trying to get all of you into…
pishelle Jan 24, 2013
Hot Or Not? Hayden Panettiere's Cocktail Smock Apron Thingpic

Hot Or Not? Hayden Panettiere's Cocktail Smock Apron Thing

Let me just say for the record that I don't really get Hayden Panettiere like, as an ENTITY, so the fact that I don't really…
yasi Nov 03, 2012

What To Watch: ABC's 'Nashville'

Now that Fall TV is in full swing, it's time to weed out the good and the bad.  I've checked out the majority of pilots…
pishelle Oct 24, 2012
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Fashion Inspiration: Power & Control

Have a nice weekend!!
AlexandraPallagi Sep 30, 2012

The concouring Queen V

Reblogged from Reaper Brianna ist Jungfrau Hexe meine Konigin, the Ghoul said to her,,Jane was remembering, did you kill her?,  "Tried to rape her but another Vampire…
Man of Steel
Man of Steel Jul 25, 2012 Originally by sabinohernandez3